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May 10, 2021

1st Rehearsal San Marino. Will Flo Rida show up?

Senhit enters with a gold-colored icon on her head. The 4 dancers are dressed in suits and wear a mask. The big question about  this rehearsal was of course: Is Flo Rida showing up, or not? The answer is no. Senhit splashes off the screen in terms of enthusiasm, vocally, however, she knows (not) to convince. Senhit comes across as enthusiastic and dynamic, unfortunately this does not apply to her voice. In Cooperation with Eurovision Artists Photo Credits: EBU  

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Results Press Poll 1st Rehearsals Day 2

Yesterday the Second day of the rehearsals started, 9 countries performed for the first time on the Eurovision stage. As a tradition also this year the accredited press (in the press center and via live stream) were be asked to give their votes for the best act. These are the results

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