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March 30, 2021

Road to Rotterdam: Italy

It’s not as strange as you might think it is: a Danish name for an Italian band. Bassist Victoria De Angelis is half Danish.Måneskin has been active since 2016. The Italian rock band has made two albums so far, both of which reached number 1 in the Italian charts. It was therefore no surprise when the group was asked to participate in the famous festival of San Remo. And it was no big surprise that the song “Zitti e buoni” was immediately one of the favorites. Much praised was the fact that they were accompanied by the live orchestra as a rock band.Måneskin won in San Remo. That made them the first candidates for the Eurovision Song Contest. They were immediately enthusiastic, which is why we will see them again in the final in Rotterdam.

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Lithuania opens Eurovision Song Contest

Today, the EBU announced the Eurovision Song Contest running order for the first and second semifinal. Lithuania will open the first semifinal, while it will be closed by Malta. The second one will be opened by San Marino, while Denmark closes it. Here are the full running orders: 1st semifinal 2nd semifinal The running order of the final will be known only, when all the finalists are known. There is one exception: Jeangu Macrooy, the Dutch participant, will perform 23rd.

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