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Nigar Jamal

About Quick Facts NameNigar Aydın qızı Camal Born07 September 1980 Nationality🇦🇿 Azerbaijani National SelectionMilli Seçim Turu 2011 In Eurovision2011 Düsseldorf SongRunning Scared (with Ell, 2011) Biography Nigar “Nikki” Aydin qizi Jamal, born Nigar Mutallibzadeh on September 7, 1980, in Baku, is a celebrated Azerbaijani singer. Before embarking on her singing career, Jamal spent five years as a housewife. She attended Khazar University from 1997, studying economics and management for three years.  Her journey in the Azerbaijani music scene began in December 2010 with her participation in Milli Seçim Turu 2011, the national selection for Eurovision. Jamal’s initial performance in Heat 7 led to a joint first-place finish and advancement to the semi-finals. Ultimately, she and Eldar Gasimov triumphed in the final on February 11, 2011, earning the privilege to represent Azerbaijan at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Performing as Ell & Nikki, their song “Running Scared,” penned by international songwriters, secured victory with 221 points. Following their Eurovision win, Jamal and Gasimov toured various countries to perform their winning song. Azerbaijan honored their achievement by issuing 15,000 commemorative postage stamps. In September 2011, Jamal made a guest appearance in the Turkish comedy series Yahşi Cazibe. In 2012, Jamal was selected as one of the five Azerbaijani jury members for Denmark’s Eurovision contestant selection. On December 1, 2011, she debuted her post-Eurovision solo track “Crush on You,” along with its music video. Subsequent releases included collaborations with Miri Yusif on “Qal” (“Stay”) and Eurovision 2008 winner Dima Bilan on “Come Into My World.” August 11, 2012, marked the release of her debut album “Play With Me,” featuring work with Danish songwriter Boe Larsen.  In early 2014, Jamal served as a judge on the Turkish edition of X Factor, where she played a pivotal role in producing the show’s winner. In 2015, she reached the no. 1 spot in the Turkish charts with the song “Broken dreams”. She teamed up with Berksan for the song “Herhalde”. A year later, she released the single “Çağıran da ürəkdi” and in 2017 she came up with “Sus”.  In 2023, she recorded several songs with Ell. Entries Running Scared (Ell & Nikki) Country🇦🇿 Azerbaijan Year2011 LanguageEnglish LyricsSandra BjurmanStefan Örn MusicSandra BjurmanStefan ÖrnIain James Farquharson BackingsLisa StadellVera PradaJessica MarbergerÅsa Engman Results Semi Points: 122Position: 2Running order: 18 Results Finals Points: 221Position: 1Running order: 19

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Eldar Gasimov

About Quick Facts NameEldar Pərviz oğlu Qasımov Born04 June 1989 Nationality🇦🇿 Azerbaijani National SelectionMilli Seçim Turu 2011 In Eurovision2011 Düsseldorf SongRunning Scared (2011, & Nikki) Biography Eldar “Ell” Parviz oglu Gasimov, born on June 4, 1989, is a renowned Azerbaijani singer. Eldar Gasimov hails from a distinguished artistic lineage, being the great-grandson of celebrated Azerbaijani actors Abbas Mirza Sharifzadeh and Marziyya Davudova, and grandson of actress Firangiz Sharifova. His musical journey began in early childhood, leading to numerous performances across Azerbaijan and Russia. Between 2001 and 2005, he honed his skills in music and piano. Gasimov is an alumnus of Baku Slavic University, where he double-majored in international relations and regional geography. He pursued postgraduate studies in international relations at the same institution since 2010. Fluent in Russian and German, he also possesses proficiency in English. Gasimov’s Eurovision journey commenced with the Azerbaijani national selection, Milli Seçim Turu 2011. His initial performance in Heat 6 earned him second place, leading to the semi-finals and eventually the final on February 11, 2011. Teaming up with Nigar Jamal as Ell & Nikki, they represented Azerbaijan at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Their song “Running Scared,” composed by international artists, clinched victory with 221 points. Post-Eurovision, Gasimov, alongside Jamal, toured various countries to perform their winning song. Azerbaijan commemorated their victory with 15,000 postage stamps featuring the duo. In 2012, Gasimov was a jury member for Denmark’s selection of its Eurovision contestant.  His first single post-Eurovision, “Birlikda nahayat” (“At last together”), was released in January 2012. Gasimov also co-hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku. July 17, 2012, marked the release of his acoustic single “I’m Free,” with its official video following in September. The track, a collaboration with Azerbaijani DJ/producer ALIGEE, was produced by Farid Mammadov and Ali Abasbeili. In the academic sphere, Gasimov joined Baku Slavic University as a lecturer in international relations in October 2012. Eldar released a lot of singles, in English, Azerbaijani and Russian. He teamed up with Nikki again in 2013 for the single “Music’s Still Alive”. In 2014 he recorded “Ice On Fire”, a duet with Zlata Ognevich. In 2015 he teamed up with Rustam for the song “Gülümse”. In 2019, Eldar expressed support for the LGBT community through a post on his personal Instagram account. In 2020, he and VoColor released the song “Until The end”. From 2021 to 2022, Gasimov was a coach on The Voice of Azerbaijan‘s second season. His protégé, Nadir Rustamli, won and represented Azerbaijan in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, achieving 16th place. In 2023, he released a new single and video, “Break Free”, and recorded several songs with Nikki. Entries Running Scared (Ell & Nikki) Country🇦🇿 Azerbaijan Year2011 LanguageEnglish LyricsSandra BjurmanStefan Örn MusicSandra BjurmanStefan ÖrnIain James Farquharson BackingsLisa StadellVera PradaJessica MarbergerÅsa Engman Results Semi Points: 122Position: 2Running order: 18 Results Finals Points: 221Position: 1Running order: 19

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Nathan Trent

© EBU/Andres Putting About Quick Facts NameNathanaele Koll Born04 April 1992 Nationality???????? Austrian National SelectionInternal selection 2017 In Eurovision2017 Kyiv SongRunning on air (2017) Biography Nathan Trent is an Austrian singer and songwriter. He was born in Innsbruck. He grew up bilingually, with German and Italian. At the age of three he learned to play the violin and piano and was a child in musicals on the theater stage. In 2003, Trent took part in the Kiddy Contest. In 2011, as a member of the group Boyz II Hot, he came eleventh in the talent show X Factor Germany. After finnishing school Trent went to Vienna, where he studied musical entertainment theater at the Music and Arts University of Vienna. In addition to his study, which he completed in 2016, he appeared on numerous theater stages. In June 2016, Trent released his debut single “Like it is”. Before Trent was selected as Austria’s candidate on December 19, 2016, he was also among the 33 candidates for the German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest, Unser Song 2017. He withdrew because an artist can not participate in 2 countries. On February 27, his song “Running on Air” was released. In the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, he reached the 16th place in the Grand Final. The follow up song for “Running on air” was called “Good vibes”. After Eurovision, Nathan Trent released a lot of singles. He teamed up with J-Mox on three occasions, for the songs “Secrets” (2018), “Over you” (2019) and “Millions” (2020). In 2020 he was also a member of the panel in The Masked Singer Austria. In September 2021, Nathan released a new single and video, “Growing pains”. It was soon followed by a new and quite personal song, “Underwater”. In January 2022, “Late night friends” was released. The songs were part of Trent’s debut Album “The stages of change”, which was released at April 1 2022. The album was followed by a tour throughout Austria. Entries Running On Air Country???????? Austria Year2017 LanguageEnglish LyricsNathan TrentBernhard Penzias MusicNathan TrentBernhard Penzias BackingsHelena de MaertelaereArtem MurachVincent BuenoFlorian Fitz Results Semi Points: 147Position: 7Running order: 2 Results Finals Points: 93Position: 16Running order: 4

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Roko Blažević

© EBU/Thomas Hanses About Quick Facts NameRoko Blažević Born10 March 2000 Nationality???????? Croatian National SelectionDora 2019 In Eurovision2019 Tel Aviv SongThe Dream (2019) Biography Roko Blažević is a Croatian singer, born in Split. He showed his singing talent as an 11-year-old in the 2011 Supertalent competition, where he impressed the audience by singing and playing the piano. In July 2017, Blažević won the Serbian reality show Pinkove Zvezdice, One year later he took part in Pinkove Zvezdice again, but now he took the second place. In 2019 he won Dora, the Croatian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Therefore, he represented Croatia in the 2019 contest with his song “The dream”. The song was written by Blažević’s mentor Jacques Houdek, who also once represented Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest. With this song, Roko reached the first place in the Croatian charts. The follow up for his Eurovision song was the song “Krila”. In 2020, the song “Božić nam dolazi” became a hit for Roko. Entries The Dream Country???????? Croatia Year2019 LanguageEnglishCroatian LyricsJacques HoudekAndrea ČubrićCharlie Mason MusicJacques Houdek BackingsJacques HoudekEndi SchrötterDiego Siqueira Results Semi Points: 64Position: 14Running order: 10 Results Finals Points: –Position: –Running order: –

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© EBU/Thomas Hanses About Quick Facts Name Ahmet Serhat Hacıpaşalıoğlu Born 24 October 1964 Nationality 🇹🇷 Turkish National Selection Internal selection 2019 Internal selection 2016 In Eurovision 2019 Tel Aviv 2016 Stockholm Song Say na na na (2019) I didn’t know (2016) Biography Serhat is a Turkish singer, songwriter, composer, producer and television presenter. He was born in Istanbul. He originally studied dentistry, but his career in showbusiness started when he established a production company in 1994. He produced the show Riziko!, a Turkish version of the American show Jeopardy!. He hosted the show himself and received several awards for it. While keeping on hosting shows, Serhat began a career in music as well in 1997. That was the year he released his debut single “Rüya”. He sang a duet with Viktor Lazlo in 2005, “Total disguise”, and with Tamara Gverdtstiteli in 2008. It took him until 2014 to release a new single, “Je m’adore”. Serhat’s working field had now changed to France and Germany. The song topped several dance charts in Germany, France, the UK and Switzerland. In 2016, Serhat represented San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “I didn’t know”. Although he did not reach the final, a disco version of the song reached the US dance charts. In 2018, Serhat re-released “Total disguise”, but now in duet with Helena Paparizou. In 2019, Serhat represented San Marino again with the song “Say na na na”. The song became the best scoring song for San Marino so far. In October 2020, the Spanish version of the song, “Di Na Na Na”, with Spanish lyrics by Adolfo Caiman, was released in a music video. In 2023, Serhat co-wrote the song “Unsaid” together with Jens Geerts. It was released on single by Belgian singer Els Deschepper. Entries Say Na Na Na Country 🇸🇲 San Marino Year 2019 Language English Turkish Lyrics Serhat Hacıpaşalıoğlu Mary Susan Applegate Music Serhat Hacıpaşalıoğlu Backings Giulia Wahn Chantal Hartmann Inès Schubert Johan D. Seil Sebastián Millepied Results Semi Points: 150 Position: 8 Running order: 17 Results Finals Points: 77 Position: 19 Running order: 7 I didn’t know Country 🇸🇲 San Marino Year 2016 Language English Lyrics Nektarios Tyrakis Music Olcayto Ahmet Tuğsuz Backings Caroline Hauwel Ellia Palazzi Emilie Weber Jessica Fagniot Ophelie Crispin Results Semi Points: 12 Position: 68 Running order: 8 Results Finals Points: – Position: – Running order: –

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