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Uriah Heep

John Lawton (Les Humphries Singers) passed away

Today the news was announced that on june 29 of this year, John Lawton passed away. Uriah Heep, the band were Lawton was a member of, published the news today. Lawton was a member of Uriah Heep between 1976 and 1979. This is what he was most wellknown for. After that, he also sang in bands like Rebel, Zar and Gunhill and made a couple of solo albums. Lawton was known for many musical styles, like rock ‘n’ roll, blues and heavy metal. Before Uriah Heep, he also sang in Lucifer’s Friends and… he was a member of the Les Humphries Singers. That’s where the Eurovision connection pops up: he was one of the six Les Humphries Singers who entered the Eurovision stage in 1976. They became 2nd in the German final. However, the winner was disqualified, and that gave the Singers the opportunity to sing their “Sing sang song” at the contest in The Hague. John Lawton was 74 years old.

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