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The Masked Singer

Monika Liu

© EBU/Nathan Reinds About Quick Facts NameMonika Liubinaitė Born09 February 1988 Nationality🇱🇹 Lithuanian National SelectionPabandom iš naujo! 2022 In Eurovision2022 Turin SongSentimentai (2022) Biography Monika Liubinaitė (stage name Monika Liu; born in Klaipėda) is a Lithuanian singer and songwriter. As a student, Monika moved to Boston and later to London. She currently lives in Vilnius. Monika Liu began her musical career at the age of five when she began to study the violin. She discovered singing only ten years later and immediately, in 2004, triumphed in the Dainų dainelė (Song of songs) competition. After graduating, she chose jazz music and vocal studies at the Faculty of Music of Klaipeda University. Monika later went to the USA, where she studied at the Berkeley College of music in Boston. After graduating, Monika moved to London, where she continued to compose songs. Monika has worked with the famous producer Mario Basanov, collaborated with the electronic music family Silence, recorded the song “Ne vakar” with the band Sel in 2010. She won singing competitions, and appeared successfully on the Lithuanian television project “Auksinis balsas”.  In 2015, her first album “I am” was released.  In 2019 it was announced that Monika Liu would be one of the coaches in The Voice of Lithuania. In the same year, her second album “Lünatik” was released. She later joined other projects, such as “The Masked Singer” and “I See Your Voice”, both as a member of the jury. Her third album, “Melodija”, came out in 2020. In 2022, Monika Liu participated in Pabandom iš naujo!, the Lithuanian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. She won the national final and went on to represent Lithuania in the 2022 contest in Turin. The next step in her career is the release of a 4th album, “Melodija 2”.   Entries Sentimentai Country🇱🇹 Lithuania Year2022 LanguageLithuanian LyricsMonika Liu MusicMonika Liu Backings– Results Semi Points: 159Position: 7Running order: 3 Results Finals Points: 128Position: 14Running order: 14

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Ulrikke Brandstorp

About Quick Facts NameUlrikke Brandstorp Born13 July 1995 Nationality🇳🇴 Norwegian National SelectionNorsk Melodi Grand Prix 2017Norsk Melodi Grand Prix 2020 In Eurovision2020 Rotterdam (cancelled) SongAttention (2020, cancelled) Biography Ulrikke Brandstorp is a Norwegian singer. She was born in Sarpsborg, a small village in the east of Norway. She has been practicing song and music since she was a child. She played in several local productions of Pippi Longstocking and Reisen til Julestjernen. She went on tour throughout Norway between 2011 and 2013 with  the shows The Show Must Go On II and The Thrill of Michael Jackson.  Ulrikke Brandstorp participated in the talent show Idol in 2013, and in The Voice. She was knocked out in the semi-finals. She participated in the Melodi Grand Prix 2017, the national final for the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song “Places” and finished in fourth place. Brandstrop has since participated in the NRK competition Stjernekamp . In 2019, she played the role of Liesl, the oldest daughter of the Von Trapp family in the Sound of Music. In 2020, Ulrikke participated in the Melodi Grand Prix 2020 with the song “Attention” and so she was supposed to represent Norway in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately, due to the cancellation of the contest, that didn’t happen. In the autumn of 2020, NRK broadcasted Maskorama, a.k.a. The Masked Singer. She participated as ‘The troll” and won the competition. Entries Attention Country🇳🇴 Norway Year2020 LanguageEnglish LyricsChristian IngebritsenKjetil MørlandUlrikke Brandstorp MusicChristian IngebritsenKjetil MørlandUlrikke Brandstorp Backings– Results Semi Points: –Position: –Running order: – Results Finals Points: –Position: –Running order: –

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©EBU/Andres Putting About Quick Facts NameVictoria Georgieva Born21 februari 1997 Nationality🇧🇬 Bulgarian National SelectionBulgarian selection 2021 In Eurovision2021 Rotterdam2020 Rotterdam SongGrowing up is getting old (2021)Tears getting sober (2020) Biography Victoria Georgieva is a Bulgarian singer. She rose to fame when she took part in X-factor Bulgaria in 2015, and stayed there for 9 weeks. One year later, she signed a record contract and released several singles so far. In 2019, she had a hit in English, called “I wanna know”. In november 2019, it was announced that she was chosen to represent Bulgaria in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen due to the corona crisis. Bulgarian TV invited Victoria to sing in the 2021 contest. For that purpose, six songs were selected. In a tv-show, in which Victoria sang several songs, the chosen entry appeared to be “Growing up is getting old”. With that song, she represented Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest. In december 2021, Victoria won “The Masked Singer” in Bulgaria as ‘Miss’.  Entries Growing up is getting old Country🇧🇬 Bulgaria Year2021 LanguageEnglish Lyrics & MusicHelena LarssonVictoria GeorgievaOliver BjörkvallMaya Carlsson BackingsMaya Carlsson Results Semi Points: 250Position: 3Running order: 13 Results Finals Points: 170Position: 11Running order: 17 Tears getting sober Country🇧🇬 Bulgaria Year2020 LanguageEnglish LyricsVictoria GeorgievaLukas Oscar JanischBorislav Milanov MusicVictoria GeorgievaLukas Oscar JanischBorislav MilanovCornelia Wiebols Backings– Results Semi Points: –Position: –Running order: – Results Finals Points: –Position: –Running order: –

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