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Jeangu Macrooy

© EBU/Thomas Hanses About Quick Facts NameJeangu Macrooy Born6 november 1993 Nationality🇳🇱 Dutch🇸🇷 Surinamese National SelectionInternal Selection In Eurovision2020 Rotterdam (Cancelled)2021 Rotterdam SongGrow (2020)Birth of a new age (2021) Biography Jeangu Macrooy is a Dutch singer of Surinam origin. He was born in Paramaribo. His musical career started in 2011 when he and his brother Xillan formed the band Between Towers. In january 2013 they released their debut album “Stars on my radio”. Meanwhile, Jeangu studied at the conservatory in Paramaribo. In 2014, Jeangu moved to the Netherlands to follow a study at the ArtEZ pop Academy in Enschede. That’s where he met producer Pieter Perquin. In december 2015, he signed a record contract and in 2016, his debut single “Gold” was released. It was a success: the song was used in a commercial for HBO series Game of thrones. Radio broadcaster 3FM awarded him as “Serious Talent”. In 2017, this success was followed by a debut album and a second one in 2019. He also played at festivals like Noorderslag, North Sea Jazz and Festival Mundial. In 2018, Jeangu played the role of Judas in the annual Dutch Easter tv show The Passion. In 2020, Jeangu Macrooy was supposed to represent The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest. Due to the cancellation of the contest, that didn’t happen. Also the tour he planned, the Horizon Tour, had to be cancelled midway. Jeangu was invited to represent the country in the 2021 contest. He wrote the song “Birth of a new age” for the occasion. In december 2021, he was supposed to have a new tour. However, it was postponed until May and June 2022 and called “Jeangu Spring Tour 2022”.  Entries Birth of a new age Country The Netherlands Year2021 LanguageEnglishSranan Tongo LyricsJeangu Macrooy MusicJeangu MacrooyPieter Perquisite BackingsXillan MacrooyA Milli DancersGil Gomes Leal Results Semi Points: –Position: –Running order: – Results Finals Points: 11Position: 23Running order: 23 Grow Country🇳🇱 The Netherlands Year2020 LanguageEnglish LyricsJeangu Macrooy MusicJeangu MacrooyPieter Perquisite Backings– Results Semi Points: –Position: –Running order: – Results Finals Points: –Position: –Running order: –

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