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© Albin Olsson About Quick Facts NameWitold Czamara Born02 September 1984 Nationality🇵🇱 Poland National SelectionInternal selection 2014 In Eurovision2014 Copenhagen SongMy Słowianie – We are Slavic (2014, with Cleo) Biography Donatan, born Witold Czamara on September 2, 1984, is a Polish music producer and musician recognized predominantly for his work in the hip-hop and pop genres. Donatan was born in Kraków, Poland, but he spent a significant part of his childhood in Taganrog, Russia. His career in the music industry began in 2002, but his initial works did not gain significant recognition. However, Donatan persevered, and his skills as a producer gradually improved over the years. Donatan’s breakthrough came in 2012 with the release of his album “Równonoc. Słowiańska dusza” (Equinox. Slavic Soul). This album featured collaborations with a variety of Polish rappers and singers, and its blending of hip-hop with traditional Slavic music elements marked a unique musical direction. This album was a major commercial success and significantly boosted Donatan’s popularity in Poland’s music industry. The producer achieved international recognition in 2014 when he, along with singer Cleo, represented Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “My Słowianie” (We Are Slavic). The song, which celebrated Slavic culture and heritage, was a blend of traditional Polish folk music with modern pop and hip-hop elements. The duo finished 14th overall in the competition, marking one of Poland’s best Eurovision results in recent years. In 2015, Donatan teamed up with Maryla Rodowicz. The song “Pełnia” was a success in the Polish charts. Two years later, Donatan scored another hit, “Andromeda”, together with Edyta Górniak.  In June 2018, behind the scenes of a Sunday concert as part of the 55th National Festival of Polish Song in Opole, he allegedly exhibited sexist behavior (grabbing the buttocks) towards singer Edyta Górniak. The incident turned out to be a public scandal in the country, which was reported by most online services. In 2019, Donatan scored two hits again: „Wolę Ciebie wolność” with RL9, Góscinnie and the band Enej, “Dom”, again with Cleo. Entries My Słowianie – We are Slavic (& Cleo) Country🇵🇱 Poland Year2014 LanguagePolishEnglish LyricsCleo MusicDonatan BackingsSylwia KlanAnna ŁapińskaAlesia Turonak DancersOla CiupaPaula Tumala Note that Donatan was not on stage! Results Semi Points: 70Position: 8Running order: 5 Results Finals Points: 62Position: 14Running order: 9

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