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© Albin Olsson About Quick Facts MembersHeiðar Örn KristjánssonHaraldur Freyr GíslasonGuðni Þórarinn FinnssonArnar Þór Gíslason Founded2006 Nationality🇮🇸 Icelandic National SelectionSöngvakeppnin 2014 In Eurovision2014 Copenhagen SongNo Prejudice (2014) Biography Pollapönk is an Icelandic pop-rock band that has delighted audiences with their unique musical style and captivating performances since their inception in 2006. The band was initially formed by two preschool teachers, Heiðar Örn Kristjánsson and Haraldur Freyr Gíslason, with the aim of creating music that children and adults alike could enjoy. The band’s name, which translates to “Puddle Punk,” exemplifies their quirky and fun-loving character, as well as their appeal to a diverse range of listeners. Their colorful outfits and eccentric performances are hallmarks of their image. The duo soon expanded to a four-piece band with the inclusion of Guðni Finnsson and Arnar Þór Gíslason, further broadening their musical capabilities. They sing in both Icelandic and English, making their music accessible to a global audience. In 2014, Pollapönk represented Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest with the track “No Prejudice.” The song, an upbeat pop-rock number with an encouraging message about breaking down barriers and eradicating prejudice, made it to the final round of the competition. This performance significantly raised the band’s international profile and served as a testament to their talent and dedication. So far, Pollapönk released four albums. Their greatest hits, apart from “Enga fordóma/No prejudice” were “Litli ljótu ljónið” (2008), “Punkabillybræðraband” (2009). Despite their initial focus on children’s music, their broad appeal has transcended these boundaries, captivating listeners of all ages. As of mid-2023, Pollapönk continues to write, record, and perform, bringing their music. In May 2023, Pollapönk released a new version of “Enga fordóma/No prejudice” for Unicef, together with @Tag, a choir of deaf children. Entries No Prejudice Country🇮🇸 Iceland Year2014 LanguageEnglish LyricsHeiðar Örn KristjánssonHaraldur F. GíslasonJohn Grant MusicHeiðar Örn Kristjánsson BackingsÓttar ProppéSnæbjörn Ragnarsson Results Semi Points: 61Position: 8Running order: 5 Results Finals Points: 58Position: 15Running order: 4

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© EBU/Thomas Hanses About Quick Facts MembersMarina DjundyetEugenio AndrianovSergiu Mîța Founded2011 Nationality🇲🇩 Moldovan National SelectionO Melodie Pentru Europa 2018O Melodie Pentru Europa 2016O Melodie Pentru Europa 2015 In Eurovision2018 Lisbon SongMy Lucky Day (2018) Biography The members of DoReDos originate from Rîbnița, Transnistria. DoReDos exists of Marina Djundyet (15 october 1986), Eugeniu Andrianov (2 april 1993) and Sergiu Mîța (3 may 1993). They all graduated from the Acadamy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts in Chișinău. They met in 2011 and decided to form a band, in those days called The Art Band. Later they changed their name into DoReDos. In 2014, DoReDoS won the George Grigoriu Pop Music Contest in Romania. In 2015, they participated in O melodie pentru Europa, the Moldovan national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. A year later, they took part in O melodie pentru Europa again, and they were finalists in the X-Factor Romania. In 2017, the group won the New Wave Contest in Sochi, Russia. In 2018, they were chosen to represent Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “My lucky day”, reaching a 10th place in the final. In the same year, they released two other singles: “Write your number on my hand” and “Constantine”. In July 2019, the song “Shokolad” was available, followed by “Otpusti” in september. In December, they were given a Grasia Award for best concert show. In 2020, the group released a new single, “Ya teby lyublyu”. Later that year, they started recording in Romanian. Their first song in Romanian language was “Dragostea La Doi”. In the beginning of 2022, DoReDos announced a change of look and sound. Their first single in their new style became “Boom Boom” in February. Entries My Lucky Day Country🇲🇩 Moldova Year2018 LanguageEnglish LyricsPhilipp KirkorovJohn Ballard MusicPhilipp Kirkorov BackingsErik HøibySara Linnea LauingerKostya Vechersky Results Semi Points: 235Position: 3Running order: 7 Results Finals Points: 209Position: 10Running order: 19

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