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national final

Georgian Idol finalists known!

Tonight the four finalist of Georgian Idol were chosen. One of these four will, on december 31, be chosen as the winner of Georgian Idol 2019 and….. represent Georgia in the Eurovision Song Contest. There is, however, a difference compared to this year’s national selection. During the final of last year’s Georgian Idol, Oto Nemsadze already presented his Eurovision Song “Sul tsin iare”. For 2020, the song will be chosen internally. So the 31st of december, we know the singer, not the song. The participants in the Georgian Idol final will be: Barbara Samkharadze Tornike Kipiani Mariam Gogiberidze Tamar Kakalashvili Tornike Kipiani is the favourite to win this competition. He became first in almost all the shows so far. Tornike is also the only experienced one on the task. In 2017, he also took part in the national selection. However, he was less successful in that year with a 23rd place.

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