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We saw the Australian entry!

So far we had not been able to admire an entire performance from Australia. The story is known: Montaigne could not leave the country to be present in Rotterdam itself. Therefore the live recording was used that each country has made just in case … Dark is the magic word in Montaigne’s performance. She wears black clothes and performs against a black background. The only thing that is brightly colored is Montaigne’s hair. Where there had been quite a few doubts about Montaigne’s vocal performance, she takes those doubts away completely.

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Road to Rotterdam: Australia

Montaigne’s real name is Jessica Cerro. She started singing 9 years ago, but she had to finish school first. After several 45″singles she released her debut album in 2016. Three years later a second album came and in 2020 she was chosen to represent Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately, as we know, this was canceled. The Australian broadcaster quickly expressed confidence in Montaigne, which is why she will be singing the song “Technicolor” this year.

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