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© EBU/Nathan Reinds About Quick Facts MembersBen AdamsGaute OrmåsenCarl-Henrik Wahl Established2021 Nationality Norwegian (?) National SelectionNorsk Melodi Grand Prix 2022 In Eurovision2022 Turin SongGive that wolf a banana (2022) Biography Subwoolfer is a Norwegian pop duo, probably established in 2021. The identities of the two male members are unknown, but they refer to themselves as “Keith” and “Jim”.  The duo first appeared for a Norwegian audience on January 10, 2022, when NRK announced that Subwoolfer was one of the finalists in the Melodi Grand Prix 2022, the Norwegian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. The two perform in public wearing wolf masks, gloves and a suit. The duo have not revealed their identities, but instead call themselves “Keith” and “Jim”. The band name is a cross between the words “subwoofer” and “wolf” – the English word for wolf, which is also the duo’s theme. On the occasion of the Melodi Grand Prix, Subwoolfer played on his anonymity and avoided answering questions from the press about who they are. Instead, they came up with a fictional story that Subwoolfer was founded 4.5 billion years ago, lives on the moon and has “conquered every planet musically”. The mystery surrounding the duo has led to speculation about who is hiding behind the masks. Gaute Ormåsen and Ben Adams, as well as the Ylvis brothers are among the names that have been mentioned. They are accompanied by DJ Astronaut (Carl-Henrik Wahl). Subwoolfer released a separate Valentine’s version of the song, called “Give That Wolf a Romantic Banana”.  Subwoolfer won Melodi Grand Prix with the self-written song  “Give that wolf a banana” and thus represented Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest. They reached the final and the 10th position. In 2023 the two released a song called “The worst kept secret”. In a performance at Melodi Grand Prix 2023, the two revealed who they are. The speculations appeared to be right: Ben Adams and Gaute Ormåsen were behind the masks. Entries Give that wolf a banana Country Norwegian Year2022 LanguageEnglish LyricsDJ AstronautBen AdamsGaute Ormåsen MusicDJ AstronautBen AdamsGaute Ormåsen DancersAlbertine LundgrenAnne Marit TynesSimen Gloppen Results Semi Points: 177Position: 6Running order: 16 Results Finals Points: 182Position: 10Running order: 7

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© EBU/Andres Putting About Quick Facts NameJoakim With Steen Born27 June 1989 Nationality???????? Norwegian National SelectionMelodi Grand Prix 2017 In Eurovision2017 Kyiv SongGrab the moment (2017) Biography Joakim With Steen (born 26 June 1989), best known under the stage name Jowst (usually stylized JOWST), is a Norwegian musician, songwriter and music producer.  Steen was born in Trondheim and grew up in the Tiller district. When he was 14, the family moved to Steinkjer. In Steinkjer, he became interested in guitar, bands, rock and songwriting, and started the alternative rock band Enter. They attended UKM (Ung Kultur Møtes is a public cultural initiative for young people between the ages of 13 and 20, and takes place every year across the country) and played on smaller local stages. Steen later studied music production at Noroff in Oslo, and started Red Line Studio where he has worked as a sound technician and producer since 2011. Steen has worked with a number of artists in hip-hop, electronic music, pop and rock. In 2016, he wrote and produced the song “Grab the Moment” under the stage name JOWST. This was his first original release under his own name, and he brought along the singer and songwriter Aleksander Walmann on vocals. The song was released for streaming and sale on 15 February 2017 and won Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. Steen and Walmann later represented Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, where “Grab the Moment” splaced tenth in the final on 13 May. The song was awarded ‘Song of the Year’ at the NRJ Music Awards. In August of the same year, both JOWST and Aleksander released a new song, “That feeling”. In the same year, JOWST produced songs for Eurovision participants Manel Navarro and Martina Barta. On 9 March 2018, JOWST and Kristian Kostov teamed up and released a song called “Burning bridges”. One day later, his song “Talk to the hand”, a song Aleksander Wallman sang at Melodi Grand Prix 2018, ended up in top4. Later that year, he teamed up with Manel Navarro again and with Maria Celin to release the song “Roller coaster ride”. In January 2019, a new JOWST single was released, “Everybody knows”. He teamed up with Chris Medina for the song “Happier”. JOWST has released music with Warner Music, Sony Music, UpNorth, and in the end of 2019 started his own label JOWST AS. In the same year, he started a podcast, called Jowstcast. JOWST released a new single in March 2020: “Kiss the ring”, featuring Jæger. In September of the same year, he teamed up with Aleksander Walmann again, for a song called “Into the wild”. In March 2021, he teamed up with Agnete for the song “Barely breathing”. Entries Grab The Moment Country???????? Norway Year2017 LanguageEnglish LyricsJonas McDonnell MusicJoakim With Steen BackingsAdrian JørgensenOle-André EnggravFrode VasselOle Arnold Børud Results Semi Points: 189Position: 5Running order: 12 Results Finals Points: 158Position: 10Running order: 17

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