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Benjamin Ingrosso

© EBU/Andres Putting About Quick Facts NameBenjamin Daniele Wahlgren Ingrosso Born14 September 1997 Nationality???????? Swedish National SelectionMelodifestivalen 2018Melodifestivalen 2017 In Eurovision2018 Lisbon SongDance you off (2018) Biography Benjamin Ingrosso is the son of dancer/composer Emilio Ingrosso and singer Pernilla Wahlgren. Benjamin Ingrosso has participated in a number of musicals and the play Nils Karlsson Pyssling. In 2006 he won Lilla Melodifestivalen and represented Sweden in the MGP Nordic. In 2007, he released the single “Jag är en astronaut”, which his uncle Linus Wahlgren sang in 1985. Ingrosso’s version reached the 2nd place in the Swedish charts. In 2007 he participated in Allsång at Skansen together with his mother. In the summer of 2007 he also participated in the Diggiloo tour. In 2008 and 2009 Benjamin Ingrosso played in the musical Hujeda mej vá många sånger.  In 2009 he played the role of Rasmus in Rasmus and the vagabond with Markoolio. In 2011 Ingrosso played a role in the play Karlsson på taket flyger igen. In October 2015 he released his first single “Fall in Love”.  Benjamin competed in Melodifestivalen 2017 with the song “Good Lovin ‘. He finished in fifth place. He took part again a year later and won with the song “Dance You Off”. He represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, where he reached a 7th place. The contest was followed by a first album called “Identification”. He worked together with Felix Sandman on two different singles: “Tror du att han bryr sig” and “Happy thoughts”. His song “Långsamt farväl” reached the first place in the Swedish charts. On January 15, 2021, he released his second album, “En gång i tiden”. The album is entirely in Swedish and is the first album he has released in Swedish. [10] The second part of the album, “En gång i tiden (del 2)”, was released on April 16, 2021. On the 71th of June 2022, a new English album was released: “Playlist”. Entries Dance You Off Country???????? Sweden Year2018 LanguageEnglish LyricsMAGLouis SchoorlK NitaBenjamin Ingrosso MusicMAGLouis SchoorlK NitaBenjamin Ingrosso BackingsStran ÇetinGreg CurtisMaria HazellEvelina OlsénLars Säfsund Results Semi Points: 254 Position: 2Running order: 15 Results Finals Points: 274Position: 7Running order: 20

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© EBU/Andres Putting About Quick Facts NameSusanna Marie Cork Born18 February 1989 Nationality???????? British National SelectionEurovision: You Decide 2018 In Eurovision2018 Lisbon SongStorm (2018) Biography SuRie is an English singer and songwriter. She was born in Harlow, Essex and raised in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire. As a child soloist, she sang in front of Charles, prince of Wales. She submitted a song to the national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest but was not selected. Growing older, she graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in London, where she was trained classically. She provided backing vocals and was a dancer for Belgian Eurovision artist Loïc Nottet in 2015 and was the musical director of Blanche in the 2017 contest. In 2016, SuRie released her first album “Something beginning with….”. She represented the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal, with her song “Storm” and finished 24th. Her performance was interrupted by a man who grabbed the microphone to make his own political statement. SuRie was offered to perform again, but she declined. A year after Eurovision, SuRie released her second album “Out of universe”. In 2020, she released a christmas record, “Last christmas”; her own version of the Wham! song. In February 2021 her single “Only you and I” was released. Entries Storm Country???????? United Kingdom Year2018 LanguageEnglish LyricsNicole BlairGil LewisSean Hargreaves MusicNicole BlairGil LewisSean Hargreaves BackingsCharlotte ChurchmanDebby BracknellMark DeLisser Results Semi Points: –Position: –Running order: – Results Finals Points: 48Position: 24Running order: 9 Note that this is the live version from the Grand Final. The EBU also published the version of the General Dress Rehearsal, as it was not interrupted.

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