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About Quick Facts MembersNika Antolos (2010)Ivana Marić (2005)Neda ParmaćPamela Ramljak Active2004-2012, 2022- Nationality🇧🇦 Bosnian (Ivana, Pamela)🇭🇷 Croatian (Nika, Neda) National SelectionDora 2010Dora 2009Dora 2007BH Eurosong 2005 In Eurovision2010 Oslo2005 Kyiv SongLako je sve (2010)Call me (2005) Biography Feminnem is a Croatian female pop-dance group made up of Pamela Ramljak, Neda Parmać, and Nika Antolos. The group is known for writing their own songs and for their urban pop-dance music. Their name was inspired by the American rapper Eminem.  Feminnem’s Beginnings In 2004, after participating in the TV show Hrvatski Idol, Pamela, Neda, and Ivana Marić formed Feminnem and released their first hit single, “Volim te, mrzim te.” They quickly became popular and became the leading Croatian girl band after the group Divas broke up. 2004 – 2007: First Eurovision, Feminnem Show, and Ivana Leaves In 2005, they represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Call Me” by Andrej Babić, finishing in 14th place. In December 2005, they released their first album, Feminnem Show, named after their TV show on BHT. In 2006, they performed at HRF with the song “Reci nešto, al’ ne šuti više.” In 2007, they competed in Dora with the song “Navika” and placed 9th. Later that year, Ivana left the group to start a solo career. Neda and Pamela began searching for a new member. 2007 – 2009: Nikol Joins and Leaves, Another Try at Dora Neda and Pamela held auditions and chose Nikol Bulat as the new member. They released the single “Chanel 5” and performed at HRF, winning an award for most online votes. In 2009, they competed in Dora with the song “Poljupci u boji,” placing 3rd. That summer, they performed at HRF with “Oye, Oye, Oye” featuring Spanish singer Alex Mungo. However, Nikol didn’t fit well with the group and left in late summer 2009 after many disagreements. 2009 – 2012: Second Eurovision, Lako je sve, Easy to See, and Breakup Neda and Pamela found a new member, Nika Antolos, who started her career on RTL’s Hrvatska traži zvijezdu. They released the hit single “Sve što ostaje.” In 2010, they competed in Dora with “Lako je sve,” winning the most points from the jury and televoters. They released their second album Lako je sve. In May, they competed in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 and placed 13th in the semifinals. They then released their third album Easy to See, with songs from Lako je sve in English and a Spanish song, “Mil Amantes.” They performed at the Mediterranean Song Festival in Budva and released the single “Baš mi je dobro” for the CMC Festival in Vodice. In April 2011, their new single “Sve što ti nisam znala dati” leaked online. In November 2011, they released “Subota bez tebe” with Antonija Šola and Branimir Mihaljević. In February 2012, they confirmed their breakup on Dalibor Petko’s music show. 2022: Return to Music In May 2022, the group announced on social media that they had reunited. Since December, Pamela and Neda had been thinking about bringing Feminnem back while recording a Christmas song. In March, they contacted Nika, who happily joined. They gave an exclusive interview to Story magazine about their comeback. They use the hashtag #FeminnemDokNePreminem to promote their return on social media. In early May, they released the single “Zajedno,” which they performed at the 14th CMC Festival in Vodice. On June 1, they released the official video for “Zajedno,” which received nearly 100,000 views in a week. 2023: Victory at the 70th Zagreb Festival They won the 70th Zagreb Festival with the song “Trending” in a duet with Alejandro Buendija (Saša Antić from TBF). Entries Lako je sve Country🇭🇷 Croatia Year2010 LanguageCroatian LyricsPamela RamljakNeda Parmać MusicBranimir Mihaljević DancersLydia IvekovićIrma Results Semi Points: 33Position: 13Running order: 15 Results Finals Points: –Position: –Running order: – Call Me Country🇧🇦 Bosnia and Herzegovina Year2005 LanguageEnglish LyricsAndrej Babić MusicAndrej Babić BackingsMija Martina?? Results Semi Points: –Position: –Running order: – Results Finals Points: 79Position: 14Running order: 21

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