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About Quick Facts NameJón Jósep Snæbjörnsson Born01 June 1977 Nationality🇮🇸 Icelandic National SelectionSöngvakeppnin 2012Söngvakepnnin 2007Internal selection 2004 In Eurovision2012 Baku2004 Istanbul SongNever Forget (2012, with Greta Salóme)Heaven (2004) Biography Jónsi is an Icelandic singer. His full name is Jón Jósep Snæbjörnsson, which is good to know as another Jónsi, the singer of Sigur Rós, is also a famous singer in Iceland. This Jónsi, however, played in a band called Í svörtum fötum. The band was active since 1999.  In September 2001, the band secured a contract for four albums with Skifan Records and immediately began laying the groundwork for their sophomore album. Known for their dynamic stage presence and rigorous touring schedules, the band dedicated the summer of 2002 to completing their second album, Í svörtum fötum. The album not only went gold but also received favorable reviews. In 2003, they continued to build on their growing fame and improve their songcraft, achieving even more acclaim with their third album, Tengsl. That same year, Jónsi earned a nomination for Vocalist of the Year at the Icelandic Music Awards, thanks to his standout performance. He has also consistently won accolades such as Male Vocalist of the Year and Best Live Performer in popular radio station polls. Beyond his work with the band, Jónsi has collaborated with some of Iceland’s most prominent musicians. In 2003, he took on the lead role of Danny Zuko in the musical Grease, opposite Birgitta as Sandy, turning the production into one of Iceland’s most successful theatrical performances. In 2004, Jónsi represented his country in the Eurovision Song Contest with a track titled “Heaven,” ending up in 19th place in the finals. In 2005 Jónsi released his debut solo album “Jónsi”. He made another attempt to represent Iceland in Eurovision during the selection process of Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins 2007, a TV competition to choose Iceland’s Eurovision entry. Performing the song “Segðu Mér,” he did not manage to qualify. Jónsi returned to the Eurovision stage in 2012, teaming up with singer Greta Salóme for the song “Never Forget.” The duo succeeded in reaching 8th place in the first semi-final, ultimately landing in 20th place in the final round held in Baku, Azerbaijan. After the Eurovision Song Contest Jónsi concentrated on other things: he got a degree in Psychology and a master in human resources. Meanwhile, he became an air steward.  Entries Never Forget (& Greta Salóme) Country🇮🇸 Iceland Year2012 LanguageEnglish LyricsGreta Salóme Stefánsdóttir MusicGreta Salóme Stefánsdóttir BackingsPétur Örn GuðmundssonAlma Rut KristinsdóttirGuðrun Árný KarlsdóttirGísli Magna Results Semi Points: 75Position: 8Running order: 2 Results Finals Points: 46Position: 20Running order: 7 Heaven Country🇮🇸 Iceland Year2004 LanguageEnglish LyricsMagnus Þór Sigmundsson MusicSveinn Rúnar Sigurðsson Backings– Results Semi Points: –Position: –Running order: – Results Finals Points: 16Position: 19Running order: 17

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© EBU/Andres Putting About Quick Facts NameFuad Backović Born12 April 1982 Nationality🇧🇦 Bosnian National SelectionInternal selection 2016BH Eurosong 2004BH Eurosong 2003BH Eurosong 2001Vaš šlager sezone 1999 In Eurovision2016 Stockholm2004 Istanbul SongLjubav je (2016)In the disco (2004) Biography Fuad Backović (born April 14, 1982, in Sarajevo), known by his stage name Deen, is a Bosnian singer.  At the age of 12, Fuad Backović Deen took his first musical steps by recording his first song. The song was recorded at a music studio called Studio Number 1, owned by Bosnian broadcaster BHRT. In 1997, Backović became the frontman of the Bosnian boy band “Seven Up”. The group released two albums, “Otvori oči” and “Seven,” and enjoyed great success in Bosnia and surrounding countries (Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro). They took part in the Bosnian national selection for the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Daj spusti se”. The song reached a 3rd place. In 1998, Deen received an offer to perform for the opera choir. His vocal abilities were noticed by the National Theater of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and he accepted the role of the opera choir’s frontman during the production of Carmina Burana. Backović recorded a duet, “Poljubi me,” with Croatian singer Vlatka Pokos. Deen started a solo career after leaving Seven Up. In 2001, he took part in the Bosnian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. With his song “Deset miliona ljubavi”, he reaced a 7th place. A year later, his debut album “Ja sam vjetar zaljubljeni” was released. With the song “Taxi”, he took part in the 2003 national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest and became the runner up. In 2004, Deen was chosen by BHRT to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul with the song “In the Disco.” Deen finished in 9th place. Shortly after the contest, Deen’s second album “In the disco” was released, followed in 2005 by a third album, “Anđeo sa greškom”. Towards the end of the 2000s, Fuad withdrew from the music scene to enroll in a fashion business faculty at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. During that time, in early 2009, he released the song “Bez trunke srama” (Without a Trace of Shame), which achieved great success in the local music scene. After some time, he released a song with the singer from the talent show Zvezda možeš biti ti, Verena Cerovina, titled “Voli me hitno” (Love Me Urgently) at the end of 2012, and already in 2013, he released the song “Rane manje bole” (Less Wounds Hurt). After completing his fashion studies, Deen is preparing his fourth studio album, which will see the light of day in the near future. Deen represented Bosnia and Herzegovina for the second time, this time in the Swedish capital Stockholm, together with Dalal Midhat-Talakić, Ana Rucner, and Jala. They performed the song “Ljubav je” (Love Is), but they did not qualify for the final. Entries Ljubav je (with Dalal, Ana Rucner & Jala) Country🇧🇦 Bosnia and Herzegovina Year2016 LanguageBosnian LyricsAlmir AjanovićJasmin Fazlić Jala MusicAlmir Ajanović BackingsEna ĐapoZorana Guja Results Semi Points: 104Position: 11Running order: 17 Results Finals Points: –Position: –Running order: – In The Disco Country🇧🇦 Bosnia and Herzegovina Year2004 LanguageEnglish LyricsVesna Pisarović MusicVesna Pisarović BackingsMaja Sarihodžić1 other singer, name unknown Dancers3 dancers, names unkown Results Semi Points: 133Position: 7Running order: 21 Results Finals Points: 91Position: 9Running order: 12

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Sakis Rouvas

About Quick Facts NameAnastasios Rouvas Born05 January 1972 Nationality🇬🇷 Greek National SelectionEllinikós Telikós 2009Internal selection 2004 In Eurovision2009 Moscow2004 Istanbul SongThis Is Our Night (2009)Shake It (2004) Biography Sakis Rouvas is a famous Greek singer, actor, and former pole vaulter. He was born on January 5, 1972, in Mantouki, a village near the town of Corfu on the Greek island of the same name. His full name is Anastasios Rouvas, but he is widely known as Sakis Rouvas. Early Life and Sports Career Sakis Rouvas showed a talent for music and sports from a young age. As a teenager, he excelled in athletics, particularly in pole vaulting. He became a member of the Greek national athletics team and won several national awards. However, his passion for music was equally strong. He started playing the guitar and performing at local events, showing early signs of his future career in entertainment. Music Career Sakis Rouvas’s music career began in 1991 when he moved to Athens and signed a contract with PolyGram Records. His first single, “Par’ ta,” became an instant hit in Greece. His self-titled debut album, released the same year, established him as a rising star in the Greek music scene. Over the years, Sakis released numerous albums that achieved great commercial success. Some of his popular albums include “Min Antistekesai” (1992), “Aima, Dakrya & Idrotas” (1994), and “Kati Apo Mena” (1998). His energetic performances and charismatic stage presence made him a favorite among fans. Eurovision Song Contest Sakis Rouvas gained international recognition through his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. He first represented Greece in 2004 with the song “Shake It,” which finished in third place. His dynamic performance and catchy song made a lasting impression on the European audience. In 2009, Sakis represented Greece again with the song “This Is Our Night.” He placed seventh in the competition, further solidifying his status as a prominent international artist. His involvement in Eurovision greatly contributed to his popularity outside Greece. Acting Career In addition to his music career, Sakis Rouvas has also pursued acting. He made his film debut in 2007 with the movie “Alter Ego,” where he played the lead role of Stefanos. The film was a commercial success in Greece and showcased his versatility as an entertainer. Sakis also appeared in several television series and theatrical productions, further expanding his career in the entertainment industry. His acting skills received positive reviews, and he continued to balance both his music and acting careers. Television Hosting Sakis Rouvas has hosted various television shows in Greece. He became the host of the Greek version of “The X Factor” in 2010, showcasing his ability to engage with audiences in a different format. His charisma and popularity made him a natural choice for hosting, and he continued to appear on television as a presenter for various programs. Personal Life Sakis Rouvas is known for his private nature regarding his personal life. He has been in a long-term relationship with Katia Zygouli, a Greek model and actress. The couple has four children together: Anastasia, Alexandros, Ariadni, and Apostolos. They got married in 2017, after many years together. Philanthropy Sakis Rouvas is also involved in various charitable activities. He has supported causes related to children’s welfare, health, and education. His philanthropic efforts have earned him recognition and respect beyond his entertainment career. Awards and Achievements Throughout his career, Sakis Rouvas has received numerous awards and accolades. He has won multiple MAD Video Music Awards, Arion Music Awards, and other honors for his contributions to music and entertainment. His impact on the Greek music industry and his success in international platforms like Eurovision have solidified his legacy as one of Greece’s most prominent artists. Legacy Sakis Rouvas remains a significant figure in Greek pop culture. His contributions to music, film, and television have left a lasting impact. With a career spanning over three decades, he continues to be a beloved and influential artist in Greece and beyond. Entries This Is Our Night Country🇬🇷 Greece Year2009 LanguageEnglish LyricsCraig PorteilsCameron Giles-Webb MusicDimitris Kontópoulos BackingsAlexandros PanayiAnna Strandberg AnderssonAnna NilssonGeorgios PapadopoulosNikolaos Marianos Results Semi Points: 110Position: 4Running order: 13 Results Finals Points: 120Position: 7Running order: 8 Shake It Country🇬🇷 Greece Year2004 LanguageEnglish LyricsNektarios Tyrakis MusicNikos Terzis BackingsApostolos PsihramisAndonis ThominosYianna Fafaliou DancersIrina MansurovaMaria Lyraraki Results Semi Points: 238Position: 3Running order: 10 Results Finals Points: 252Position: 3Running order: 16

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Željko Joksimović

About Quick Facts NameŽeljko Joksimović Born20 April 1972 Nationality🇷🇸 Serbian National SelectionInternal selection 2012Evropesma 2004 In Eurovision2012 Baku2004 Istanbul SongNije Ljubav Stvar (2012)Lane Moje (2004) Biography Željko Joksimović, a multifaceted Serbian artist born on 20 April 1972, has worn many hats throughout his illustrious career. As a vocalist, composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Joksimović is renowned for his incredible talent. His prowess with instruments is remarkable; he plays twelve distinct ones, including the accordion, piano, guitar, and drums. Additionally, his linguistic capabilities are notable, being fluent in multiple languages besides his native Serbian, including Greek, English, Russian, Polish, and French. Born in Belgrade and raised in the city of Valjevo, Željko Joksimović’s musical journey began early. By the age of 12, he had already made a significant mark, winning the First Accordion of Europe title at a prestigious music festival in Paris. His education included music studies at the University of Belgrade, leading him to kickstart his professional music career by 1997. Joksimović’s international recognition grew substantially after he won the Pjesma Mediterana festival in 1998 with “Pesma Sirena.” This victory opened doors to perform in Belarus, where he clinched the “Grand-Prix” award at two major festivals. His initial studio albums, like “Amajlija,” “Vreteno,” and “111,” not only defined him as a pop and folk artist but also showcased hit tracks that topped Serbian pop music charts. In 1999, he clinched the Grand Prix winner title of the International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, Belarus. Eurovision has played a pivotal role in Joksimović’s career. He has penned five ballads for the contest, including popular numbers like “Lane moje,” “Lejla,” “Oro,” “Nije ljubav stvar,” and “Adio.” In the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, representing Serbia and Montenegro, he performed “Lane moje,” finishing a commendable second. He represented Serbia again in 2012 with “Nije ljubav stvar,” securing the third position. In 2008, Joksimović took on dual roles; not only did he compose “Oro” for Jelena Tomašević, he also co-hosted the Eurovision Song Contest alongside Jovana Janković. He later contributed again to Eurovision in 2015, composing the song “Adio” for Montenegrin singer Knez. In 2021, Joksimović recorded the song “Ponoć”, from the movie Toma. The song was followed by a single “Ljubav je….”, in which Željko’s daughter Mina featured. His engagements weren’t just limited to performing and composing. Between 2013 and 2015, Joksimović showcased his expertise as a judge on X Factor Adria, the Western Balkan edition of the renowned talent show, The X Factor. His accomplishments span composing for films, television series, and theater shows, establishing his own MINACORD PRODUCTION in 2004, and releasing numerous successful albums. His concerts, such as the 2010 performance in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and those in Arena Zenica and Sava Centar, have drawn massive crowds, solidifying his place as a Balkan music legend. In January 2012, Joksimović took the significant step of marrying his co-host from the Eurovision 2008, Jovana Janković. With his diverse contributions to music, spanning multiple genres and formats, Željko Joksimović continues to be an influential figure in the Balkan music scene and beyond. Entries Nije Ljubav Stvar Country🇷🇸 Serbia Year2012 LanguageSerbian LyricsMarina TucakovićMiloš Roganović MusicŽeljko Joksimović BackingsKsenija MiloševićOlga VulovićDušan AlagićMiloš NikolićDragan Krstić Results Semi Points: 159Position: 2Running order: 1 Results Finals Points: 214Position: 3Running order: 24 Lane Moje (& Ad Hoc Orchestra) CountrySerbia and Montenegro Year2012 LanguageSerbian LyricsLeontina Vukamanović MusicŽeljko Joksimović Ad Hoc OrchestraTijana MiloševićRastko AksentijevićMiloš NikolićDragan KrstićBranko Popović Results Semi Points: 263Position: 1Running order: 20 Results Finals Points: 263Position: 2Running order: 5

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