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©EBU/Nathan Reinds About Quick Facts NameAna Đurić born Ignjatović Born12 oktober 1978 Nationality Serbian National SelectionBeovizija 2008, 2009, Pesma za Evroviziju 2022 In Eurovision2022 Turin SongIn corpore sano (2022) Biography Ana Đurić (born Ignjatović), professionally known as Konstrakta, is a Serbian singer and songwriter. She was born in Belgrade. Before launching her solo career in 2019, she distinguished herself as the lead vocalist of the indie pop group Zemlja Gruva!, which was founded in 2007.  Ana gave herself the pseudonym Konstrakta when she was 20, because she liked to compose rhymes in a specific way, mathematically, which is in line with her profession, architecture.   She made her debut with the lesser-known band Mistakemistake, but slowly became better known as the lead singer of a Belgrade band called Zemlja gruva!, which was formed in 2007. They released three albums: WTF Is Gruveland? (2010), Dino u Zemlji Gruva! (2013), which was inspired by the songs of the Croatian singer Dino Dvornik, and What do you really want? (2016). Some of the band’s most famous hits include “Best Wishes” (2010), “I Didn’t Know I Wanted This” (2011) and “Šta stvarno želiš?” (2013). Zemlja Gruva! He participated in Beovizija, the Serbian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, in 2008 and 2009. Konstrakta is the author of many songs of the band.  The first solo song under the pseudonym Konstrakta was released in 2019, entitled “Žvake”. Her second solo single was called “Neam šamana” (2020) In February 2022, Konstrakta released her project “Triptych”, a 12-minute music video for three songs – “Nobl”, “In corpore sano” (In a healthy body) and “Mekano”.The video and songs illustrate modern life in Serbia, each in its own way. One of the three songs, “In corpore sano”, was chosen to represent Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022. Entries In corpore sano Country Country Serbia Year2022 LanguageSerbianLatin LyricsMilovan BoškovićAna Đurić MusicMilovan BoškovićAna Đurić BackingsKristina RadenkovićMilovan BoškovićKosta Mushu ĐurakovićMaja Nosović al RandjićJovan Antić Results Semi Points: 237Position: 3Running order: 3 Results Finals Points: 312Position: 5Running order: 24

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