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Eurovision with audience? We will know more tomorrow!

According to the website of entertainment show RTL Boulevard, the decision whether the Eurovision Song Contest will take place with an audience is postponed until Thursday. Ministers Slob and Van Engelshoven (Education, Culture & Science), De Jonge (Public Health), Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) may discuss this tomorrow.The Eurovision Song Contest with an audience would be an experiment by the Fieldlab organization, which investigates how events can still take place despite COVID19. However, the government has decided that when the number of IC beds in uses in the Netherlands exceeds 900, the Fieldlab events will be canceled. Currently 812 IC beds are in use.In an interview with RTL Boulevard, presenter Chantal Janzen says that safety and health comes first as far as she is concerned. “For those 3500 people, for the fans, I hope it continues. But not for us, the presenters. We will make a great show anyway.” source: RTL Boulevard

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