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Tonight is the night: we will find out who wins the final of the UEFA European Soccer Championship! The match is between England and Italy. And what else can we do than provide you winners? Four times, an English singer or a (partly) English group won for the UK. It all started with Sandie Shaw in 1967; Brotherhood of Man in 1976; Bucks Fizz in 1981 and Katrina & The Waves in 1997. Italy won the contest three times. Back in 1964, Gigliola Cinquetti got the prize, followed by Toto Cutugno in 1990. And…. this year, it was the popular band Måneskin who got the award!

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UEFA 2020: 2nd semifinal

As we said yesterday, it starts to look like a Eurovision Song contest. We already have the 2nd semifinal tonight. England plays against Denmark. And that is the moment when we go back to 2007. Both the United Kingdom (with an English group) and Denmark had contestants who were dressed quite remarkable. The British group Scooch were dressed as flight attendants, while a transvestite represented Denmark. Watch and enjoy!

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UEFA 2020 Quarter finals: DAY 2

Today is the day for the other twho quarter finals in the European soccer Championship. The first match will be between Czech Republic and Denmark. Both countries have sent boybands in the past. Czech Republic sent Lake Malawi in 2019. Denmark sent boybands more than once. We chose for the Anti Social Media, representing their country in 2015 with “The way you are”. The second match is between Ukraine and England. We chose winners from both countries. Ruslana won for Ukraine with her song “Wild dances”. The United Kingdom won with Katrina and The Waves and “Love shine a light”. And although Katrina is American, the Waves are English.

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UEFA Eighth finals: DAY 4

The 4th and last day of the UEFA Eighth Finals has arrived. With, again, two matches. First we start with England vs Germany. They won in the early 1980s in a row. The United Kingdom won with Bucks Fizz in 1981. One year later, in the small city of Harrogate in England, Nicole got the prize with “Ein bißchen Frieden”. Sweden will meet Ukraine today. Both countries once sent a song about an angel. In 1998, Jill Johnson sang “Kärleken är” (En ängel flög forbi mot himmelen så fri, men hon lämnade sitt leende). In 2011 it was Ukrainian Mika Newton who sang the song “Angel”.

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UEFA 2020: DAY 8

The European Soccer Championship has already reached it’s 8th day. Today, we will see three other matches. To start with Sweden-Slovakia. What we found was a couple of mystical songs. Sweden once sent the group One More Time to the contest with the song “Den vilda”. One of the members of One More Time was Peter Grönvall, the son of Abba’s Benny Andersson. Another one, his wife Nanne Grönvall, is still very famous in Sweden. For Slovakia we chose a song about the beautiful area of Horehronie in Slovakia. The song, which was also called “Horehronie”, was sung by Kristina and hit the number one spot in the Slovak charts. Croatia and Czech Republic will play against eachother. Girls in not too much clothes! That is what brings those two countries together. We thought about Albina, who represented Croatia this year. We also thought about Tereza Kerndlová, who sang “Have some fun” in 2008. And the last match for today is the one between England and Scotland. That made us bring up two ladies, who both earned the trophy for the United Kingdom. Who remembers Sandie Shaw, barefoot, back in 1967? And who remembers Lulu, with false eyelashes and dressed in pink, yelling “Olé!” at the end of the song? Sandie was English, Lulu was Scottish.

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