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Eurovision 2024: Facts and rumors.

Last week was the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. It looks like this 68th edition will go down as one of the most controversial to date.What has happened, and what is still happening? Eurovision 2024: Facts and rumours:   Participation Israel Fact Friction already starts to arise in February 2024.Israel’s submitted song, “October Rain,” is not approved. At first they refused to change the song, until the President of Israel, Yitzhak Herzog, interfered; the song is adapted, and the title is changed (to “Hurricane”).Israel will once again participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, despite protests from many participating countries. Rumor There has been speculation until the first semi-final that Israel will withdraw at the last minute, which, as we all know, did not happen.   Disqualification The Netherlands Fact On Friday morning, May 10, it becomes clear that Joost Klein, representing the Netherlands, is not allowed to rehearse at the very last minute. The EBU then announced that an incident had occurred with an employee of a camera crew. Then it remains quiet for almost 24 hours. Joost is not allowed to participate in the jury final on Friday evening, the recording from the 2nd semi-final will be used. Just before the family show starts, on Saturday afternoon, it is announced that the Netherlands will be disqualified. The matter is transferred from the police to the prosecution. The case is expected to be heard in June. After a long silence, Joost announced this week that “he is very sad”, and agrees that he would have pushed the camera, but denies that he touched or threatened the person in question. Rumor Immediately after the incident, pushing the camera/phone away, Joost Klein apologized. From that moment on, the camerawoman in question refused any form of conversation, although she was asked to do so. European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Facts During and after the Festival, the EBU received a lot of criticism, and several complaints were filed: As mentioned earlier: the participation of Israel. Refusing to display flags in the hall, other than those of the participating countries. For example, the European Union and non-binary flags were banned. The booing in the hall was filtered out, and an audio tape of cheering could be heard on TV. The Spanish, Dutch, Irish and Greek delegations have filed official complaints about the behavior of the Israeli delegation ánd the Israelian press. Nothing has been done with these complaints. Joost Klein (The Netherlands) was disqualified, without it being clear what exactly happened. After the festival, several artists opened up about the intimidating and hostile atmosphere behind the scenes. Various broadcasters from participating countries have requested clarification through a so-called “open letter” to the EBU. Rumors Since there was an incident involving a camerawoman, you would think that there should be camera footage. These could be deliberately withheld. Money talks; Since Moroccon Oil, the main sponsor is from Israel, the EBU does not dare to take action against the misconduct of the Israeli delegation and press. The Dutch artist Joost Klein was sacrificed to turn the attention away from the Israeli delegation.      It is sad that the victory of Switzerland’s Nemo has been overshadowed by all the commotion. The calls for the resignation of the incumbent board of the EBU in general, and of its chairman Martin Österdahl, are becoming louder and louder.Will the EBU take a good look in the mirror and take its responsibility? To be continued…..                  

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