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© Ane Charlotte Spilde, Wikimedia Commons About Quick Facts MembersJurgis DidžiulisAurelijus MorlencasLaurynas LapėJonas NarbutasJievaras JasinskisŠarūnas Kirdeikis Active2003-2011 Nationality🇱🇹 Lithuanian National Selection“Eurovizijos” dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka 2010“Eurovizijos” dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka 2006 In Eurovision2010 Oslo SongEastern European Funk (2010) Biography Formed in 2003, InCulto was a Lithuanian band known for blending unconventional electronic music with diverse musical influences, striving to merge organic and synthetic sounds and juxtaposing aggression with serenity. Their musical journey began ambitiously with the release of “PostSovPop” in 2004, marking their initial steps into the music industry with a mix of electronic and lively beats. That same year, the radio single “Jei labai nori” was released in collaboration with Linas Karalius, followed by the playful track “Suk, suk ratelį.” Their creative momentum continued into 2005 with the energetic “Boogaloo.” In 2006, InCulto made their first attempt to enter the Eurovision Song Contest with “Welcome to Lithuania,” securing a commendable second place in the national selection. The band’s experimentation and collaborative spirit were further showcased in 2007 with the release of “Marijos Žemės Superhitai” and two notable singles, “Reikia bandyt” featuring Erica Jennings and “Pasiilgau namų” alongside Andrius Rimiškis.  In 2010, a pivotal year, they launched the “Eastern European Funk EP” and the album “Closer Than You Think”, capturing attention both locally and internationally. Their song “Eastern European Funk” won unanimous support during the national selection, earning them the honor to represent Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. Although they did not progress to the Grand Final, this experience was a significant highlight of their career. That year, the band also released “Keep on Dancing,” “Close to Midnight,” and “If Not Me,”. However, despite their success, InCulto announced in early 2011 that they would discontinue their activities. Entries Eastern European Funk Country🇱🇹 Lithuania Year2010 LanguageEnglish LyricsJurgis DidžiulisAurelijus MorlencasLaurynas LapėJonas NarbutasJievaras JasinskisŠarūnas Kirdeikis MusicJurgis DidžiulisAurelijus MorlencasLaurynas LapėJonas NarbutasJievaras JasinskisŠarūnas Kirdeikis Backings– Results Semi Points: 44Position: 12Running order: 1 Results Finals Points: –Position: –Running order: –

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