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© EBU/Thomas Hanses About Quick Facts NameChristina Maria Rieder Born13 March 1986 Nationality🇨🇦 Canadian National SelectionDie Entscheidungsshow 2016 In Eurovision2016 Stockholm SongThe Last Of Our Kind (2016) Biography Rykka, originally named Christina Maria Rieder, was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. At the age of 15, they began taking guitar lessons and started performing at local community festivals. While attending Vancouver Community College for a two-year program, Christina also studied voice under Paula Kremer and frequently played music on the streets of Granville Island in Vancouver. In 2009, they relocated to Toronto to record their third independent album called “Straight Line” under the stage name “Christina Maria.” This album was produced with the assistance of Canadian producers David Baxter, Russel Broom, and Ryan Guldemond from Mother Mother. The album “Straight Line” was released in Switzerland by Little Jig Records in 2010. Rykka stayed in Switzerland and Germany, performing at various venues and even appearing on the popular German television channel “Sat.1 FrĂĽhstĂĽcksfernsehen,” which has an average viewership of 1 million people. They were also nominated for the Demotape Clinic at M4Music in Switzerland. In 2012, Rykka released their album “Kodiak,” which marked a significant shift in their musical career as they formally changed their stage name from Christina Maria to Rykka. The record was produced by Ryan Guldemond of Mother Mother, engineered by Shawn Penner, mixed by Warne Livesey, and mastered by Andy VanDette. It was released in Switzerland by Little Jig Records. Their fourth studio album, also titled “Kodiak,” was released in Canada in 2013 under Vissen Record, following its release in Switzerland the previous year. In the same year, Rykka won $100,000 in BC’s Peak Performance Project. Rykka had the opportunity to perform at BC’s well-known Squamish Valley Music Festival in 2014, opening for We Are the City, who were also winners of the Peak Performance Project. In 2016, they represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “The Last of Our Kind,” which they co-wrote with Jeff Dawson, Mike James, and Warne Livesey. Unfortunately, they placed last in the second semifinal of Eurovision 2016. The follow up of the Eurovision song was “Bad Boy”, which came out on 8 July 2016. On 4 November, their album “Beatitudes” was released. It was followed by a tour through both Canada and Switzerland. In January 2017 a video for the song “Runnin’ away” was released. In November another one, “Youth is wasted” was released. Rykka also participated in several songwriting sessions.  Since 2018 Rykka formed a duo, Goldschatz, together with Timothy Jaromir. Their first single “Thick as theives” was released on 28 September of that year. Rykka performed with Goldschatz mainly in Switzerland. After the COVID19 lockdowns, Rykka released a new song on 26 March 2021: “Dreams/Death”. In November of the same year they released a follow up, “Louder”. In the same month, Goldschatz released a Christmas EP. It was also the year that they came out as bisexual and non binary, using the pronouns they and them. Rykka launched a project, where she announced being an astronaut artist going to Mars. The project was called Olympus Mons and contained videos, put online in September 2022. Entries The Last Of Our Kind Country🇨🇭 Switzerland Year2016 LanguageEnglish LyricsChristina Maria RiederMike JamesJeff DawsonWarne Livesey MusicChristina Maria RiederMike JamesJeff DawsonWarne Livesey BackingsBrandy ButlerTanja DanknerNyssina Swerissen Results Semi Points: 28Position: 18Running order: 3 Results Finals Points: –Position: –Running order: –

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© EBU/Andres Putting About Quick Facts NameGabriela Horn Born25 January 1988 Nationality???????? Austrian National SelectionInternal selection 2019 In Eurovision2019 Tel Aviv SongLimits (2019) Biography Pænda, officially known as Gabriela Horn, is an Austrian singer. She was born in Deutschlandberg, Styria. Gabriela started singing in a choir in her home town at the age of six. At fourteen, she began songwriting and singing in various pop rock bands. She took guitar and piano lessons  at age 20 and studied pop and jazz music at the Vienna Music Institute, where she graduated with honors in 2013. Her first single “Waves”, released in late 2016, attracted some attention and was played on several Austrian radio stations. A year later, in January 2018, the second single “Good Girl “was released, soon followed by her debut album “Evolution I”. The album  was received positively by the Austrian media. Her third single “Paper-thin” was released in early May 2018. In 2019, she represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Limits”. However, she did not reach the final. In April 2019 she released her second album Evolution II.  The single releases “Like a Domino”, “So Loud” and “Filler” followed later that year. She also went on a club tour in Europe. In April 2020, the single “Best of It” was released in collaboration with G X G. Two more singles followed in July and September. The Single “Friend Zone was” released in October, “My Heart” in November. In the same month she released her first EP “My Heart”. At the beginning of February 2021 she released the single “Lovers we know”, which is the first single from her second EP “My Issues”. That EP was released later in 2021. In 2022 she also released several singles, among others “Your song”, a collaboration with N-Chased and Tony Vida. Entries Song Title Country???????? Austria Year2019 LanguageEnglish LyricsGabriela Horn MusicGabriela Horn BackingsChristina HornNoy Ben ShabatOr Ilan Results Semi Points: 21Position: 17Running order: 9 Results Finals Points: –Position: –Running order: –

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