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Eva Rivas

About Quick Facts NameValeria Alexandrovna Reshetnikova-Tsatouryan Born13 July 1987 Nationality🇦🇲 Armenian🇷🇺 Russian (not sure) National SelectionEvrotesil 2010 In Eurovision2010 Oslo SongApricot Stone (2010) Biography Eva Rivas is a Russian-Armenian singer. She was born Valeria Reshetnikova-Tsatouryan on July 13, 1987, in Rostov-on-Don, hails from a diverse background. Her father, Alexander Reshetnikov, was born in Vladivostok, while her mother, Piruza Tsatouryan, is Armenian from Yerevan. Eva’s stage name honors her Greek great-grandmother. Eva’s musical career began early in life. She joined the Armenian school choir and, from ages 9 to 17, was the soloist for the Armenian pop ensemble Arevik. The ensemble earned numerous accolades, including the title of People’s ensemble in 1997. Eva herself won the Grand Prix at the Scarlet Flower children’s song contest and two silver medals at the First Russian Youth Delphic Games in 1999. In addition to her musical pursuits, Eva trained at the Image-Elite beauty and social etiquette school, becoming one of its leading models and twice winning the title Little Beauty of Rostov. She participated in various modeling contests across Russia. In 2004, she entered Rostov State University, majoring in World Economics and International Relations. 2005 marked a significant year for Eva. She earned titles such as Golden Voice of RSU, Miss Pearl of Don, and Vice-Miss Caucasus. She also won first prize at the Song of the Year of Armenia contest in Moscow, where she met her future producer Valery Saaryan. In 2007, she placed third in the Five Stars Song Contest in Sochi and spent two years dancing with the Street Jazz school. In 2008, Eva began working with the Moscow production center Armenia Production. She recorded an album featuring compositions by Sayat Nova, guided by maestro Ruben Matevosyan. In 2009, she released a music video for “Tamam Ashkhar” and frequently appeared on Armenian TV shows. Eva’s career reached new heights in 2010 when she represented Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with the song “Apricot Stone.” The song, symbolizing Armenian nostalgia, earned her a spot in the finals, where she finished in 7th place. In 2012, there were plans to represent Armenia again in the contest; however, Armenia decided not to take part that year. In 2014, Eva Rivas released a new single called “Armenia”. In June of that year, she performed in Georgia along with Anri Jokhadze. In August, the song “Veradardz” was released. Also, she was one of the judges in The Voice Armenia. As a model, Eva Rivas played a main role in the video of Anri Jokhadze’s song “Tovli Modis”.  In 2020, Eva Rivas received an award for her good deeds during corona. It was given her by the prefect of the North-Western Administrative District of Moscow; the area were she currently lives. In April 2023, Eva Rivas started performing again.  Entries Apricot Stone Country🇦🇲 Armenia Yearyear LanguageEnglish LyricsKaren Kavaleryan MusicArmen Martirosyan Backings– Results Semi Points: 83Position: 6Running order: 2 Results Finals Points: 141Position: 7Running order: 21

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