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Don’t mess with a flag in North Macedonia

You probably haven’t even noticed, but a small thing during the red carpet event yesterday turned into a lot of hassle in North Macedonia. Because contestant Andrea wanted her hands free for the photo, she threw away the flag of North Macedonia. That caused her a big problem. Last night, the national broadcaster MRT came with a statement, in which the broadcaster called the throwing disrespect to the flag. It would even be a violation of North Macedonian law. MRT seriously considered withdrawing Andrea and thus North Macedonia from the competition:  “MRT expects Andrea to apologize to the citizens for such behavior. The public service is considering the possibility of her withdrawal from Eurovision, although care will be taken not to cause more damage to MRT. All legal possibilities for the strictest sanctioning for this scandal will be taken against those responsible in the Macedonian delegation”. It ended well in the end: Andrea apologized on national television. This turned this story into a storm in a teacup. A year before there was also a big fuzz in in the country. Participant Vasil’s video showed three paintings, in the colors of the Bulgarian flag. Besides North Macedonian, Vasil also has Bulgarian ancestors. Nationalist North Macedonians demanded another participant. In the end, the video was taken off the internet and a new version, without the Bulgarian colors, was put online.

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