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Alessandro Cattelan

Italian organization surprises again

The Eurovision Song Contest has been going on for almost a whole week now. We have started with the dress rehearsals of the final. But the Italian organization continues to surprise. Presenter Laura Pausini was not present at the start of the rehearsals. Her colleague Alessandro Cattelan told the press that the singer and presenter is doing well, but she had to take some rest. Mika was present, but left before the rehearsal had really started. Someone from the production had to replace him. It has never happened in recent years that one of the presenters did not rehearse. Most notable was one of Petra Mede’s rehearsals. She hosted the festival in 2013. She appeared on stage with curlers in her hair. And believe it or not, the participant from Sweden struggled with technical problems again. Cornelia Jakobs started singing “Hold me closer”, the music started, but the sound cut out again. That makes the singer the unluckiest person of this year towards the end: for her so far no rehearsal has gone without problems. source:

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