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Where are we going to in 2022?

One thing is for sure: we go to Italy in 2022. However, there are a lot of options. But we don’t have more specific information yet. As you could have read here, Italian broadcaster RAI started a bid process. No less than 17 (!!) cities and regions submitted their candidacy, being: Acireale Alessandria Bertinoro di Romagna Bologna Florence Genoa Jesolo Matera Milan Palazzolo Acreide Pesaro Rimini Rome Sanremo Turin Trieste Viterbo   Tomorrow, RAI will provide these cities and regions bid books. Before the 4th of august, they all have to submit their full details. It is likely that, the more cities know, the more cities withdraw. Two years ago, even Amsterdam decided to withdraw as none of the venues there was available.

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