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Advahov Brothers

┬ę Marian Medregoniu, Wikimedia Commons About Quick Facts MembersVitalie AdvahovVasile Advahov Born2003 Nationality­čç▓­čçę Moldovan National SelectionO melodie pentru Europa 2022 In Eurovision2022 Turin SongTrenule╚Ťul (2022, & Zdob ┼či Zdub) Biography Fra┼úii Advahov ( Brothers Advahov) stands for the two Moldovan musicians Vitalie Advahov (born January 18, 1978) and Vasile (born April 26, 1979 in Cahul, Soviet Union). The two brothers jointly lead an orchestra known for folk music.┬á Vitalie and Vasile played in an orchestra when they were still at school and took part in music competitions. After high school, the two went to the Academy for Music, Theater and Fine Arts in Chisinau and studied accordion and violin. They finished their training and at first didn’t know what to do. They met up with other former students to make music, which resulted in the “Orchestra Fra╚Ťilor Advahov” in 2003. The orchestra gained national fame and the two brothers were awarded the title “Mae╚Ötri ├«n Art─â” by President Vladimir Voronin in 2007 ÔÇö followed in 2016 by President Nicolae Timofti with the award ╚śtefan cel Mare. In 2022 they were selected by Moldovan Radio to represent Moldova with the song “Trenule╚Ťul” in the Eurovision Song Contest,┬átogether with Zdob ╚Öi Zdub. Entries Trenule╚Ťul (& Zdob ╚Öi Zdub) Country­čç▓­čçę Moldova Year2022 LanguageRomanian LyricsMihai G├«ncuRoman IagupovSviatoslav Staru┼čAndrei CebotariVitalie AdvahovVasile Advahov MusicMihai G├«ncuRoman IagupovSviatoslav Staru┼čAndrei CebotariVitalie AdvahovVasile Advahov Backings– Results Semi Points: 154Position: 8Running order: 9 Results Finals Points: 253Position: 7Running order: 19