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© EBU/Thomas Hanses About Quick Facts MembersCharlotte TrumanLaura Kästel Active2019-2020 Nationality🇩🇪 German National SelectionUnser Lied für Israel 2019 In Eurovision2019 Tel Aviv SongSister (2019) Biography Sisters was an occasional duo, put together by NDR in 2019. They sang a song called “Sister”, which was rejected in the Swiss national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018. The song won the German final and the duo represented Germany in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. In February 2020 the duo decided to quit. Carlotta Truman (19 october 1999) was born in Hannover. She participated in the talent show “Das Supertalent” when she was only 9 years old. She performed in several tv-shows, among others in “The voice Kids”, where she became the runner up. She performed in Alex Christensens show ‘Classical 90s dance’. In 2019, Truman made her debut as an actress in an episode leading role in the series “In aller Freundschaft – Die jungen Ärtzte”. About a year later she had another episode role in the RTL series Nachtschwestern. From season 6 in 2022 she will be part of the main cast of the youth series Spotlight. Laura Kästel, stage name Laurita Spinelli, (29 september 1992) was born in Königsau but currently lives in Wiesbaden. When she was 10 years old, she won a children’s song contest on ZDF tv, and a year later she participated in the casting show ‘Star reach’. She was a backing vocal for a.o. Sarah Connor and Stefanie Heinzmann, and currently for Lena. She is also the lead singer of a band called Waterproof. In October 2020 she released her first solo single “Stumm” under the pseudonym Laurita Spinelli. Entries Sister Country🇩🇪 Germany Year2019 LanguageEnglish LyricsLaurell BarkerMarine KaltenbacherTom OehlerThomas Stengaard MusicLaurell BarkerMarine KaltenbacherTom OehlerThomas Stengaard BackingsVerena HeinzSonja WiegandInga LühningRay Lozano Results Semi Points: –Position: –Running order: – Results Finals Points: 24Position: 25Running order: 4

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Lake Malawi

© EBU/Andres Putting About Quick Facts MembersAlbert ČernýJeroným ŠubrtAntonín Hrabal Founded2013 Nationality🇨🇿 Czech National SelectionEurovision Song CZ 2019 In Eurovision2019 Tel Aviv SongFriend of a friend (2019) Biography The band Lake Malawi was formed after the break-up of the successful band Charlie Straight in September 2013. The band’s name was inspired by Born Iver’s song “Calgary”. The very first single “Always June” was presented in the same year by the band’s frontman Albert Černý in person with a guitar broadcast live on BBC London. The songs “Beach, Nectarines & Daim” and “Paris” received the same honors. The following year, the band went to the well-known Czech festivals Colors of Ostrava and Rock for People. In May 2015, the debut EP “We Are Making Love Again” was released, co-produced by Matt Lawrence and Filip Gemroth. In 2015, the band performed at the British The Great Escape Festival in Brigton. In the autumn of the same year, Lake Malawi decided to tour the Czech Republic with the acoustic Furch Tour. Due to its great success, the band repeated in the same spirit a year later. The single “Chinese Trees” scored in 2015 on the Audition Poll on Amazing Radio. In the fall of 2017, after long and careful preparations, Lake Malawi released their debut album “Surrounded by Light”. The album was accompanied by the release of music videos for the songs “Prague (In the City)”, “Surrounded by Light”, “Not My Street”, “Bottom Of The Jungle”, “Paris” and “Spaced Out”. Lake Malawi won Eurovision Song CZ, the national final for the Eurovision Song Contest, in 2019. In May, they represented the Czech Republic in Tel Aviv. They reached the 11th place. That same year, they performed at the Sopot International Music Festival. In 2020, Albert Černý, accompanied by the band, took part in the Polish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, Szanca na sukces, where his song “Lucy” took second place. In April 2021, drummer Antonín Hrabal left the band. Entries Friend of a friend Country🇨🇿 Czech Republic Year2019 LanguageEnglish LyricsJan SteinsdoerferMikolaj TrybulecAlbert Černý MusicJan SteinsdoerferMikolaj TrybulecAlbert Černý Backings– Results Semi Points: 242Position: 2Running order: 6 Results Finals Points: 157Position: 11 Running order: 3

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Jonida Maliqi

© EBU/Thomas Hanses About Quick Facts NameJonida Maliqi Born26 March 1982 Nationality🇦🇱 Albanian National SelectionFestival i Këngës 2019Festival i Këngës 2008Festival i Këngës 2007Festival i Këngës 2005 In Eurovision2019 Tel Aviv SongKhteju tokës (2019) Biography Jonida Maliqi is an Albanian singer, born in Tirana. At a young age, she learned playing the piano and the violin. Later, she studied singing at the Academy of Arts in Tirana. At the age of 13, she participated in the Albanian national song contest Festival i Këngës 1995. After her solo debut in 1999, Jonida Maliqi participated at Festivali i Këngës for three consecutive years. In 2003, Maliqi won “The Best Performer” category at Kënga Magjike. A year later, she won the Ethno Music Award. In 2005, she won the “Best Interpretation Award” at Kënga Magjike. Maliqi starred in the Albanian version of The Ten Commandments: The Musical as Bithia in 2006. In the same year she released her debut album “Nuk Të Pres“. Together with Albanian pop singer Tuna she had a hit “Forca e Femrës”.  In 2008, Maliqi made a comeback with a new single “Njëri Nga Ata” which won Kënga Magjike. In 2010, she collaborated with Albanian rapper Big Basta in their song “Sot t’i Japim Fund”. She also participated in the 2011 Kënga Magjike. In 2013, Maliqi starred at the musical “Romeo and Juliet” as Juliet opposite Albanian Skënderaj. In 2014, she co-hosted the fourth season of Dancing with the Stars whereas in 2015 she released a new song called “Jam Bërë Si Ti”. In 2016, Maliqi appeared as a judge on the fifth season of The Voice of Albania. On 10 May 2018, Maliqi released the song “N’Errësirë”. In December 2018, Maliqi won the 57th edition of the Festivali i Këngës, and thus became Albania’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Ktheju tokës”. The song finished seventeenth in the final. In 2021, Maliqi co-hosted Festivali i Këngës 60. Together with Obie Kelz, she released a new song, “Need you”, in 2022. Other ventures Entries Ktheju tokës Country🇦🇱 Albania Year2019 LanguageAlbanian LyricsEriona Rushiti MusicEriona Rushiti BackingsArtemisa MithiTiri GjociWendi Mancaku Results Semi Points: 157Position: 8Running order: 14 Results Finals Points: 90Position: 17Running order: 2

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