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🇦🇿 The last entry of this year, Azerbaijan: Fahree & Ilkin Dövlatov with “Özünlə apar”

“Özünlə apar” is the song Azerbaijani Fahree will sing to represent his country during the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. All other countries had already announced their artist and song but Azerbaijan waited a while to release their song “Özünlə apar” on March 15th. And thus concluded the 37 act announcements.

Fahree will perform the song together with singer Ilkin Dövlətov. Ilkin is known for his participation in the Azerbaijani version of “The Voice”. The song is a mix of pop and traditional elements. The music styles of the two artists will compliment each other. Fahree is considered a primarily pop artist while Dövlətov is known for incorporating more traditional and folk elements into his music. Additionally, Fahree stated:

“We have already started preparations, our stage choreography will be really different and spectacular. Since the stage structure is very big and difficult, I will start acting lessons.”

Moreover, a very interesting message was conveyed by “The Azeri Times” about Armenia’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, “Jako” by Ladaniva. More specifically, the following text was posted on the official Twitter/X account of “The Azeri Times”:

“Lovely music accompanied by a beautiful theme. The day we exchange 12 points between Azerbaijan and Armenia will be a beautiful symbol of true peace. Here’s to hoping for that day!”



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