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🇸🇪 News about the postcards revealed

Swedish broadcaster SVT shared what the Postcards will before each singer’s performance will be like. People watching the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 from home can expect a new way of meeting the 37 artists competing in Malmö.

The Postcards before each performance will now be much kinder to the environment. They’ll also be more personal, giving viewers a special greeting from the singer. These Postcards will also show a little bit of each country’s history in the Eurovision Song Contest. Per Blankens, who works on the TV show, explained the idea behind this year’s Postcards: “For the postcards this year we decided on a fun challenge. What if the postcards could be sent to us rather than us traveling in order to save the environment – and money. After all, they are called postcards.”

With the Postcards being made in a greener way, we also get to see where each artist is coming from more clearly. Now, the artists themselves hold the camera, so we see things from their perspective, not from someone else’s.




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