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🇸🇪 National selections: what’s going on?

Several countries have an update or will have it soon. Here we will have a view on a few of them.


Two more audition rounds have been held. Artists go to the next round when they have at least 70% of the votes.

3 December

  • Shauli Greenlick, 83%
  • Michelle Shimonov, 88%
  • Ido Bartal, 80%
  • Ofri Maduel, 55%
  • Adel Zeltzer, 87%

6 December

  • Orel David, 87%
  • Liran Ben Moshe, 75%
  • Noya Shrem, 70%
  • Shalev Admoni, 42%
  • Mika Moshe, 79%


As the official list of participants has been published, we know now that Israel is on it. Norwegian broadcaster NRK stated that they will be following the EBU’s decision. EBU itself stated that Israeli broadcaster Kan complies with all competition rules. 

The Netherlands

AVROTROS, the Dutch broadcaster, announced that they will present the artist, not the song, upcoming monday. Keep an eye on our website for updates. Rumour has it that Ilse Delange, Karsu and Numidia should be the ones in charge, but Ilse’s management already denied this fact. Let’s see who follows in the footsteps of Mia and Dion.


Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO was planning a national final, but for some reason they decided not to have one. The Slovenian broadcaster will announce their contestant upcoming Tuesday. At that day we will know the one who follows in the footsteps of Joker Out!


Czechia presented seven songs last week. Tuesday they will announce the candidate for Malmö. MyDy is the hot favourite to be the lucky one.


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