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🇸🇪 Marcus & Martinus sing for Sweden

photo credits: PhotoAnnaR, Wikimedia Commons

Marcus and Martinus sing for Sweden. They have won Melodifestivalen tonight with the song “Unforgettable”. The song is written and composed by Jimmy ‘Joker’ Thornfeldt, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, with Marcus and Martinus themselves. Both televoters and expert jury chose the song with a landslide.

Here’s the full result:

  1. Marcus & Martinus, “Unforgettable”, 177 pts.
  2. Medina, “Que sera”, 104 pts.
  3. Smash Into Pieces, “Heroes are calling”, 90 pts.
  4. Cazzi Opeia, “Give my heart a break”, 87 pts.
  5. Liamoo, “Dragon”, 83 pts.
  6. Danny Saucedo, “Happy that you found me”, 74 pts.
  7. Maria Sur, “When I’m gone”, 72 pts.
  8. Annika Wickihalder, “Light”, 63 pts.
  9. Jacqline, “Effortless”, 61 pts.
  10. Jay Smith, “Back to my roots”, 46 pts.
  11. Lisa Ajax, “Awful liar”, 37 pts.
  12. Dotter, “It’s not easy to write a love song”, 34 pts.



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