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🇵🇹 Portugal: Festival RTP da Canção starts

Tonight, Portugal will start with Festival RTP da Canção, the annual national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Out of ten songs, 6 will be chosen for the final on the 9th of March. The show starts at 22:00 and you can watch it here and here.

These are the songs:

  1. Bispo sings “Casa Portuguesa”
  2. Iolanda sings “Grito”
  3. João Borsch sings “…Pelas costuras”
  4. Left. sings “Volto a ti”
  5. Mela sings “Água”
  6. Mila Dores sings “Afia a língua”
  7. Nena sings “Teorias da conspiração”
  8. Noble sings “Memory”
  9. Perpétua sings “Bem longe daqui”
  10. Rita Rocha sings “Pontos finais”


Mila Dores took part in the semifinals in 2019.


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