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🇵🇹 Iolanda wins Portuguese national final

National final season is over! Iolanda has won in Portugal. She sings the song “Grito”, written by Iolanda herself. She also composed the song along with Luar. Iolanda was the clear choice of the jury, while the televoters applied for João Borsch, who became 2nd. Portugal will perform in the second half of the first semifinal.

These are the full results:

  1. Iolanda, “Grito”, 22 pts.
  2. João Borsch, “….pelas costuras”, 18 pts.
  3. Leo Middea, “Doce mistério”, 18 pts.
  4. Silk Nobre, “Change”, 12 pts.
  5. Rita Rocha, “Pontos finais”, 11 pts.
  6. Buba Espinho, “O farol”, 10 pts.
  7. Noble, “Memory”, 7 pts.
  8. Rita Onofre, “Criatura”, 5 pts.
  9. Perpétua, “Bem longe daqui”, 4 pts.
  10. Nena, “Teorias da conspiração”, 4 pts.
  11. No Maka ft. Ana Maria, “Aceitar”, 3 pts.
  12. Cristina Clara, “Primavera”, 2 pts.



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