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🇳🇴 Melodi Grand Prix: 3rd semifinal

The Norwegian national final Melodi Grand Prix continues with a third semifinal. We will be able to watch three heats with 6 songs each. Half of the songs will go through to the final. 

The show starts at 19.50 CET and you can watch it here. These are the six entries of tonight:

  1. Vidar Villa sings “Mer”
  2. Mistra sings “Waltz of Death”
  3. Thomas Jensen sings “Take me to heaven”
  4. Annprincess sings “Save me”
  5. Miia sings “Green lights”
  6. KEiiNO sings “Damdiggida”


Vidar Villa took part in MGP 2018.
Benedicte Adrian (Mistra) was a member of Dollie Deluxe and represented Norway in the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest with “Lenge Leve Livet”. As Dollie they also took part in MGP 1981 (6th) and 1982 (10th).
KEiiNO represented Norway in 2019 with the song “Spirit in the sky”. Two years later they were 2nd in MGP with “Monument”.

Dollie Deluxe (with Benedicte Adrian) sings “Lenge Leve Livet” in 1984.

KEiiNO sings “Spirit in the sky” in 2019.


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