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🇲🇹 Sarah Bonnici for Malta

Sarah Bonnici won the Maltese final. The singer gained a first place in Malta Song For Europe with the song “Loop”. The song is written by Kevin Lee, Leire Gotxi Angel, Michael Joe Cini, Sarah Bonnici, Sebastian Pritchard-James. Here are the full results: 

  1. Sarah Bonnici, “Loop”, 102 pts
  2. Matt Blxck, “Banana”, 80 pts
  3. Ryan Hili, “Karma”, 71 pts
  4. Erba’, “Sirena”, 56 pts
  5. Lisa Gauci, “Breathe”, 39 pts
  6. Denise, “Mara”, 39 pts
  7. Greta Tude, “Topic (bla bla)”, 32 pts
  8. Janvil, “Man”, 29 pts
  9. Miriana Conte, “Venom”, 25 pts
  10. Nathan, “Ghost”, 23 pts
  11. Gail Attard, “Wild card”, 20 pts
  12. Hailey, “Tell me that it’s over”, 7 pts


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