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🇱🇹 Lithuania: results Eurovizija LT are in!

And also in Lithuania we have results. Jury and televoters have decided and these are the results:

  1. Zalvarinis, “Gaudė vėjai”, 22
  2. Aistè, “Hero”, 22
  3. Eley, “Rock my body”, 16
  4. Thomas G, “Us”, 13
  5. Deividas Valma, “Blood on your hands”, 11
  6. Paula Urbana, “It is what it is”, 11
  7. Multiks, “Vėjas galvoje”, 9
  8. Andrius Pojavis, “Sing me a hug”, 6


That means Zalvarinis and Aistè are through to the final, and former Eurovision participant Andrius Pojavis became… last.


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