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🇮🇸 Iceland starts with Söngvakeppnin

Iceland starts with Söngvakeppnin tonight. It is, already since 1986, the Icelandic national final. This year, 5 songs compete in each semifinal. Two of them go to the final, along with one wildcard. In the final, the songs can be sung in any language. In the semifinals, they have to be sung in Icelandic. The show starts at 20.45 CET and you can watch it here. Tonight´s contestants are:

  1. CeaseTone sings “Ró”
  2. Blankiflúr sings “Sjá þig”
  3. Anita sings “Stingum af”
  4. Sunna Kristinsdóttir sings “Fiðrildi”
  5. VÆB sings “Biómynd”


None of the artists participated in Söngvakeppnin before.


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