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🇮🇪 Road to Malmö: Ireland

We can not wait for the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. Therefore, we have a closer look at one of the contestants every day. Today: Ireland.

Bambie Thug

Bambie Ray Robinson, known artistically as Bambie Thug, is an innovative Irish singer born in 1994. Breaking into the music scene, Robinson released their debut EP, “Cathexis,” on 12 October 2023, prefaced by singles “Careless” and “Last Summer (I Know What You Did).” Their music, deeply inspired by musical theatre, serves as a protective yet expressive medium, especially through tough mental health phases. Robinson’s unique sound, described as “ouija-pop” or “hyperpunk avant electro-pop,” reflects their critique of drug addiction’s glamorization in the industry and their ambition to model positive behavior. On 11 January 2024, they were chosen to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest with “Doomsday Blue,” winning both jury and public favor in Eurosong 2024. Living in East London and hailing from a diverse family background, Robinson identifies as non-binary and actively contributes to LGBTQ+ visibility in music. Their journey also includes overcoming personal battles with drug addiction, underpinning their advocacy for health and representation.


In the past, the Irish national selection was called The Irish National Song Contest. However, already for years it’s named Eurosong. The show is part of the famous Late, Late Show, hosted by Patrick Kietty. Six songs competed in the contest. And although the international jury chose boyband Next In Line for the contest, the national jury ánd the televoters chose for Bambie Thug; this was very much to the joy of the Eurofans visiting platform X. They cheered that ‘The Witch has won!’.

Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest

1965 was the first year ever that Ireland contributed to the Eurovision Song Contest. “Doomsday blue” will be the 57th entry. Together with Sweden, Ireland holds the record of no less than seven victories. It all started with Dana in 1970, followed by the Johnny Logan double in 1980 and 1987; a third Logan-victory followed in 1992 with a song, sung by Linda Martin. And from that moment on it seemed like being Irish was one of the preconditions to win the contest, with Niamh Kavanagh in 1993, Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan in 1994 and Eimear Quinn in 1996. Note that the Norwegian group Secret Garden, winners of 1995, had an Irish violinist: Fionualla Sherry. The last couple of years, Ireland was not so succesful, with the last four entries missing the final. Who knows, Bambie Thug will change that.

The Bookmakers

Ireland is currently 16th in the odds to win the contest. Although the odds for the semifinal are not published yet, Ireland is the 5th highest scoring song from the 1st semifinal. It is safe to say that the bookies predict a place in the final.

The song

And this is the song:



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