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🇭🇷 First results Croatia are in!

The results of the first semifinal of DORA, the Croatian national final, are in. Eight songs will head to the final next Sunday. The finalists are in bold:

  1. Noelle, “Baby baby”
  2. Mario Battifiaca feat. Robert Ferlin, “Vodu piti trizan biti”
  3. Stefany, “Stretnih dana dat’ će bog”
  4. Misha, “One day”
  5. Erna, “How do you love me”
  6. Eugen, “Tišine”
  7. Vinko, “Lying eyes”
  8. Barbara Munjas, “Nepobjevida”
  9. Let 3, “Babaroga”
  10. Lana Manadrić, “More”
  11. Pavel sings “Do mjeseca”
  12. Saša Lozar, “Ne plačem zbog nje”

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