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🇫🇮 Finland in search for Käärijä’s successor

All eyes are on Finland this year. After the success of Käärijä, everybody’s anxious to hear what the Nordic country will bring. Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK), the Finnish national final, contains 7 songs. None of the artists ever took part in the national final. The show starts at 20:00 CET and you can watch it here.

These are the songs:

nr. Title Artist  
1 Kuori mua Sini Sabotage
2 Dancing with demons Cyan Kicks
3 Glow Jesse Markin
4 Vox populi Mikael Gabriel & Nublu
5 Paskana Sara Siipola
6 Mania Sexmane
7 No rules Windows95man

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