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🇩🇪 Isaak represents Germany in Malmö

Isaak won Das Deutsche Finale, the German preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest. He will sing the song “Always on the run”, written and composed by Greg Taro, Isaak Guderian, Kevin Lehr and Leo Salminen. That is what the German audience and an international expert jury decided. Both agreed on Isaak’s victory. The full result of the contest is this:

  1. Isaak, “Always on the run”, 24 pts.
  2. Max Mutzke, “Forever strong”, 20 pts.
  3. Ryk, “Oh boy”, 13 pts.
  4. Bodine Monet, “Tears like rain”, 12 pts.
  5. Galant, “Katze”, 11 pts.
  6. Marie Reim, “Naiv”, 10 pts.
  7. Ninetynine, “Love on a budget”, 6 pts.
  8. Floryan, “Scars”, 3 pts.
  9. Leona, “Undream you”, 3 pts.



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