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🇦🇱 🇮🇱 🇨🇭 Update on what happens in and around Europe

Albania has chosen, Israel continues and Switzerland teases. That is what happens in Europe on the field of Eurovision.


Albania has chosen. Not Mal Retkonceri, who won Festivali i Këngës goes to Eurovision. The favourite of the televote, Besa Kokëdhima, will do so. It is not known whether her song “Zemrën n’dorë” will be in Eurovision in the way it was presented last week. We will keep you updated. Note that you can find her biography, and all the others of the chosen artists so far, can be found on our website.


Israel continues to have auditions. Still, when a candidate gets 70% of the votes (50% of the audience, 50% of an expert jury) they are through to the next round.

17 december

Noah Aharon, 94%
Zohar Zacharov, 81%
Or Giny, 55%
Libi Natfali, 82%

18 december

Mika Kertis, 87%
Israel Levi, 70%
Frida Uziel, 57%
Eitan Jomo, 90%
Romi Netz, 78%

Note that Frida Uziel also took part in 2019. She was rejected, but saved by the hosts. This time, a saviour by the hosts is not possible. Frida didn’t make it to the next round

20 december

Or Cohen, 83%
Gal Kafri, 86%
Shoval Mualem, 62%
Tahel Perry, 79%
Tamar Ben-Zvi, 77%


Swiss TV announced that they will not be represented by a man with a ballad. Still, everything is possible. A man, with an uptempo song? A woman, with a ballad? Or a woman, but uptempo? Or a group? We don’t know yet, but thanks for the teaser Switzerland!


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