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Yiannis Dimitras

Name:Yiannis Dimitras
National Finals:Greek national final 1988, 1990
ESC Entries:Feggari kalokerino (1981)
Website: –


Yiannis Dimitras is a Greek singer and composer, born in Corfu. In 1978 he started his career by performing in “Jesus Christ Superstar” and releasing his first album. In 1981, he was chosen by Greek television to represent his country in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Feggari kalokerino”. Originally, Greek television wanted the song, but not the singer. Dimitras, who wrote this song about a very personal situation, refused to give it to another singer; in the end, they agreed on Yiannis Dimitras singing it.
After Eurovision, he released a third album, but chose to start writing for other artists. However, in 1988 he took part in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest again, now in a duet with Evodokia: “Ah, ourane”. In the meanwhile, he wrote the music for two films and in 1990, he sang the song “Taxidi” in the national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. After that, he wrote the music for a television series. In 1990, he was awarded at the Film festival of Thessaloniki. 


Artist:Yiannis Dimitras
Song:Feggari kalokerino
Lyrics:Yiannis Dimitras
Composer(s):Giorgos Niarchos
Conductor:Giorgos Niarchos
Backings:Sofia Houndra
Running order:17