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Walter Andreas Schwarz

Name:Walter Andreas Schwarz
National Finals:German national final 1956
ESC Entries:Im Wartesaal zum großen Glück (1956)


Walter Andreas Schwarz was a German singer, writer, comedian and radio play author and actor. He also did translation work for the British broadcaster BBC.
After graduating in 1932, Schwarz left Germany to study German literature and music in Vienna. Because of his Jewish origin, he was placed in a concentration camp in Lower Saxony in 1938.
In 1956, Walter Andreas Schwarz took part in the Eurovision Song Contest with “Im Wartesaal zum großen Glück”. Although the result was never announced, the story goes that Schwarz would have achieved second place. Musically this remained his only success, although it wasn’t a big hit. In the 1960s, Schwarz’s voice however, became well known: as a voice actor, he could be heard in various radio plays and series. He was the first one to be heard in 1962 in “Leben und Taten des scharfsinnigen Edlen Don Quijotte von La Mancha”, three years later for WDR radio in “Krieg und Frieden” and in 1967 he was the narrator with “Anna Karenina”. Until the 1980s, Schwarz, who lives in London, continued to participate in radio plays. He also worked as a translator for the BBC.
Walter Andreas Schwarz died on 1 april 1992. After his death, a CD with poems and prose texts by Erich Mühsam was released in 1995, “Ich lade euch zum Requiem”. In 2013, an audio book was released on which Schwarz’s voice could be heard.


Artist:Walter Andreas Schwarz
Song:Im Wartesaal zum großen Glück
Lyrics:Walter Andreas Schwarz
Composer(s):Walter Andreas Schwarz
Conductor:Fernando Paggi
Points:secret voting
Running order:4