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Tommy Körberg

Name:Bert Gustav Körberg
National Finals:Melodifestivalen 1969, 1971, 1988, 2013
ESC Entries:Stad i ljus (1988)
Judy min vän (1969)


Tommy Körberg is a Swedish singer and actor. He made his debut at the “Brunnskvittret” at Ronneby Brunn at the age of five. After finishing school he formed the Bootleggers group in Enköping.  Eventually they changed names to Maniacs and ended up with Michael Johansson on the Swedish charts with “Somebody’s Taken Maria Away”. Tom & Mick & Maniacs were then a unique group with their double singers (one of which was Tommy Körberg). In 1969 Körberg made a solo debut album. The same year he participated in Melodifestivalen and won with the song “Judy min vän”, and thus represented Sweden in the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest. In the 1970s he left pop music and was a member of the more experimental groups Solar Plexus (1972) and Made in Sweden (1975), where he sang jazz rock. However, he also wrote the music for one of the contributions in the Melodifestivalen 1972, “Krama mig och dansa”. Körberg debuted as an actor in 1973 in Bertolt Brechts Mahagonny. In 1978 he played Röde Orm in a musical at Malmö City Theater. In the 1980s he was included in a performance with Jacques Brel’s songs. On film he starred in “Ronja Rövardotter” in 1984. During the 1980s and 1990s he established himself as a musical artist and has, among others, starred in “Animalen” (1982), “Les Misérable”s (1990), “Sound of Music” (1995-1997). From the 1980s he has sung jazz in the Tolvan Big Band. He again performed at the Melodifestivalen 1988, with the song “Stad i ljus”, and represented Sweden in theEurovision Song Contest 1988 in Dublin.In 1993, Tommy Körberg a debuted as a psalm singer.  Already in the first concert version of Björn Ulvaeus, Tim Rice and Benny Andersson’s musical “Chess” he sang the male lead role of Anatoly Sergievsky and played the same role in the original set in London 19861989. From 2002-2004 he again played the role of Anatoly in the Swedish set at Circus in Stockholm. After being a guest artist during some of Benny Andersson’s orchestra tours, he joined the company in 2005 with, among others, Helen Sjöholm. In 2009, Körberg played Professor Henry Higgins in “My Fair Lady”. Tommy Körberg participated with the group Ravaillacz in the Melodifestivalen 2013 with the song “A real fucking schlager”. [30] The group participated in the third competition and went on to the final. 


Artist:Tommy Körberg
Song:Stad i ljus
Lyrics:Py Bäckman
Composer(s):Py Bäckman
Conductor:Anders Berglund
Backings:Urban Agnas
Running order:2
Artist:Tommy Körberg
Song:Judy min vän
Lyrics:Britt Lindeborg
Composer(s):Roger Wallis
Conductor:Lars Samuelson
Running order:9