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Tom Dice


Quick Facts

Tom Eeckhout

25 November 1989

🇧🇪 Belgian

National Selection
Eurosong 2023
Internal selection 2010

In Eurovision
2010 Oslo

Me And My Guitar (2010)


Tom Dice, born Tom Eeckhout on November 25, 1989, in Eeklo, Belgium, is a celebrated singer-songwriter whose musical journey has captivated audiences both domestically and internationally.

Dice’s musical inclinations were evident from a young age, initially exploring choral singing at the Sint-Jozef primary school, before venturing into guitar lessons at the age of eight. Despite an initial desire to learn the trumpet, it was the guitar that would become his instrument of choice, leading to the composition of his first song by twelve. This early exploration of music laid the foundation for his artistic identity, which would become more defined when he joined the band “The Dice” at fifteen. Adopting Tom Dice as his stage name, he began to carve out his niche as a performer, songwriter, and composer, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists including Gavin DeGraw, Taylor Swift, and Damien Rice.

The turning point in Dice’s career came in 2008 when he participated in the second season of X Factor Belgium. Encouraged by his classmates to audition, Dice was pleasantly surprised by the positive reception from the jury, which contrasted sharply with the feedback he had grown accustomed to in his hometown. His journey on X Factor, where he finished second, was a significant milestone, leading to the release of his debut single “Bleeding Love,” an acoustic cover of the Leona Lewis hit, in June 2009. The single’s success in Belgium and Poland marked Dice’s arrival on the music scene, earning him a nomination for a TMF Award in the Best Young Artist category.

In November 2009, another opportunity arose that would elevate Dice’s career to new heights. He was selected to represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo with the song “Me and My Guitar.” Breaking with a long tradition of less successful selection processes, the choice of Dice was a gamble that paid off. He became the first Belgian act since 2004 to reach the finals, ultimately securing a commendable sixth place. This achievement not only showcased his talent on an international stage but also solidified his position as a prominent figure in the Belgian music industry.

Following his Eurovision success, Dice released his debut album “Teardrops” in April 2010. The album, which achieved gold status, featured a blend of original songs and covers, highlighting Dice’s growth as an artist and his commitment to crafting music that resonates on a personal level. The album’s singles, including “Me and My Guitar” and “Lucy,” alongside his debut single “Bleeding Love,” reflected his journey from a hopeful musician to a seasoned artist with a distinct voice and vision.

Beyond his early achievements, Dice continued to evolve, exploring new musical landscapes and collaborating with other artists. His subsequent albums, “I’ve Come a Long Way” and “Better Days,” showcased his versatility and dedication to his craft, even as he ventured into the local political scene in Eeklo in 2018 without aspirations of being elected. In 2019, he formed The Starlings with Kato Callebaut, further expanding his musical repertoire and participating in the VTM program “Love for Music.”

In 2023, The Starlings participated in the Belgian final for the Eurovision Song Contest. With the song “Rollercoaster”, the duo reached a 2nd place in the contest.



Me And My Guitar

🇧🇪 Belgium



Tom Eeckhout
Ashley Hicklin
Jeroen Swinnen

Tom Eeckhout
Ashley Hicklin
Jeroen Swinnen

Jimmy Colman
Mátyás Blanckaert

Results Semi

Points: 167
Position: 1
Running order: 10

Results Finals

Points: 143
Position: 6
Running order: 7