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Srebrna Krila

Group members:Lidija Asanović
Mustafa Ismailovski
Davor Jelavić
Adi Karaselimović
Dukšo Mandić
Slavko Pintarić-Pišta
National Finals:Jugovizija 1981, 1982, 1988, Dora 1995, 1996
ESC Entries:Mangup (1988)


Srebrna Krila is a Croatian pop-rock band from Zagreb. 
The band was founded by Vlado Kalember in 1978. After three years of being denied by record company Jugoton, Kalember personally went to Đorđe Novković. Novković was the first to say the band sounded good. He promised to write them a song, which he did the same day by writing “Ana”. It became a huge summer hit in Yugoslavia. Danijel Popović was a member of Srebrna Krila, but Kalember threw him out after 5 days when he told the media that he would stay in Srebrna Krila for a year and then go on to a solo career. Kalember haf been looking for a guitar player all the time. In October of that year, they were invited to one of the biggest tv-shows in Yugoslavia, which contributed to the group’s popularity. After that they played 200 concerts a year. The first concert in Zagreb was in 1979. They were a favorite in Bulgaria and the USSR. The pinnacle of success was 1983 in Moscow. For ten days they sold out a hall that accommodates 25,000 people, a total of 250,000 tickets sold.
Since 1986, the composition had been taken over by keyboardist Mustafa Ismailoski-Muc, and Kalember was committed to a solo career as a bass player. With their album debut they broke all sales records and it became the most sold debut album with 620,000 copies. After Kalembar’s departure, singers came to the place of the vocals. During this period female singers Lidija Asanović, Vlatka Pokos, Minea, Vlatka Grakalic and Barbara Vujević lead the band. In 1988, they represented Yugoslavia at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Mangup”. During the 1990s, the line up underwent various changes. Vlatka Pokos started her singing career in the Srebrna Krila, taking the place of Lidija Asanović, who had been singing in the band from 1988 to 1989. The group disappeared from the scene with the death of Ismailovski in 2000. Srebrna Krila reunited in spring 2012 (singer Vlado Kalember, guitarist Davor Jelavic Dado and drummer Slavko Pintaric Pista) for a concert. In late August 2012, they announced a new comeback studio album called “Srebrna Krila 2012”.


Artist:Srebrna Krila
Lyrics:Stevo Cvikić
Composer(s):Rajko Dujmić
Conductor:Nikica Kalogjera
Running order:21