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Sonia (UK)

© Andrew Hurley, Wikimedia Commons

Name:Sonia Evans
National Finals:A Song For Europe 1993
ESC Entries:Better the devil you know (1993)


Sonia Evans is a British singer, born in Liverpool. She rose to fame when producing trio Stock, Aitken and Waterman decided to produce her debut single “You’ll never stop me loving you”, which was a number 1 hit in the UK charts. She also reached the USA top-10 with the song. Sonia’s debut album was released in april 1990. It became a gold disc in the UK. All five singles from the album became top-20 hits in the UK. 
A second album was recorded at another label, with another producer: Nigel Wright. Sonia was one of the members of Band Aid, wellknown from the charity single “Do they know it’s christmas?”.
In 1993, Sonia was invited by the BBC to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest. She became 2nd with the song “Better the devil you know”. One year later, she played the role of Sandy in the musical  “West Side Story”. In 2007, a “Greatest hits” album was released but it was not a commercial success. She released a single in 2009. In summer 2018, in conjunction with her appearance in the Channel 5 program Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning, Sonia’s recording of “Dancing in the Driver’s Seat”, written by Barry Upton and Gordon Pogoda, was released. Another song recorded with Barry Upton and Gordon Pogoda in 2007, “Your Heart Or Mine”, was released in 2018 as its follow-up. The songs reached #1 and #2, respectively, on UK’s iTunes Vocal Songs chart.


Country:United Kingdom
Song:Better the devil you know
Lyrics:Dean Collinson
Composer(s):Dean Collinson
Conductor:Nigel Wright
Backings:Carol Connor-Evans
2 other singers, names unknown
2 musicians, names unknown
Running order:19