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Name:Josiane Grizeau
National Finals:Ein Lied für Stockholm 1975, Ein Lied für Harrogate 1982
ESC Entries:Un banc, un arbre, une rue


Séverine is a French singer, born in Paris. She first chose the performance name of Céline, later changing it to Séverine. She joined a singing group called Les Murators. Her first success came when she sang the theme song of the movie ” Le Passager de la pluie” in 1970.
In 1971, she was able to represent Monaco in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Un banc, un arbre, une rue”. She won the contest and had a hit all over Europe. She even reached the #9 spot in the UK charts with her entry.
In 1972, she got the opportunity to perform in front of an audience in the Olympia in Paris. In 1973, a juridical problem between her and her former manager prevented her from having a career in France. However, in Germany there were possibilities for the singer, who already had a few hits there. With the song “Dreh dich im Kreisel der Zeit”, she participated in the German national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. She made a German version of the Goombay Dance Band hit “Seven tears” (Sieben Träne) in 1981. In 1982, she attempted to go to Eurovision again with “Ich glaub’ an meine Träume”. She released a few singles but the success faded. In 1999 she released an album in France again. Nowadays, she is a singing teacher in Paris.


Song:Un banc, un arbre, une rue
Lyrics:Yves Dessca
Composer(s):Jean-Pierre Bourtayre
Conductor:Jean-Claude Petit
Backings:Gerard Kawzinsky
Alain Legovic
Christian Padovan
Michel Pelay.
Running order:3