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Sandra Simó

Name:Sandra Studer
National Finals:Swiss national final 1990, 1991
ESC Entries:Canzone per te (1991)


Sandra Studer is a Swiss singer and television presenter. She is the daughter of a Swiss father and a Spanish mother. She grew up in Zollikerberg, a town in kanton Zürich. After a ballet and piano training had her first experiences as a singer at age 17. She studied German and musicology at the University of Zurich. She recorded her first song in 1987. In 1989, Sandra Studer was a backing singer of DJ Bobo on the song “I Love You”. Under the name Sandra Simó she participated in the 1990 national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest  with the son “Lo so”. The year after she represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest; her song “Canzone per te” took the 5th place. After Eurovision she became a successful tv presenter with programs such as “Takito”, “Traumziel” and “Country Roads”. She often did the German-speaking comments for Swiss television at the Eurovision Song Contest; In 1999 she hosted the German national selection on the side of Axel Bulthaupt. From 2002 to 2012, Studer presented the gala for the SwissAward every year.
Sandra Studer is a mother of four.


Artist:Sandra Simó
Song:Canzone per te
Lyrics:Renato Mascetti
Composer(s):Renato Mascetti
Conductor:Flaviano Cuffari
Backings:4 singers, names unknown
Running order:5