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Sandra Kim

Name:Sandra Caldarone
National Finals:Belgian national final 1986
ESC Entries:J’aime la vie (1986)


Sandra Caldarone, better known as Sandra Kim, started singing at a very young age. She was 12 years old when she was the singer of the group Musiclub. With their song “Ami ami” they won a contest in Milan. In 1986, she was chosen to represent Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest, and became the first Belgian winner ever. Following this victory, Sandra Kim was be chosen to play the title song of the series “Il était une fois… la Vie”.  In the early 1990s, she co-hosted “Dix qu’on aime” with Alain Simons on RTL-TVI, and was part of two years of the jury for the show “Pour la gloire” on  RTBF. In 1990, Sandra Kim sang in front of King Baudouin I on the occasion of celebrations for his 60th birthday and the 40th anniversary of his reign. She sang with Luc Steeno  the song “J’aime mon pays” / “Ik hou van mijn land”. Sandra Kim moved to Flanders where her success has continued since the 1990s and she continues to sing, especially in the context of collective shows, the latest being the project Souldivaz, three singers taking the standards of soul music. Married for the first time with Olivier Gérard in 1994 and divorced a year and a half later, she married Jurgen Delanghe on December 24, 2001


Artist:Sandra Kim
Song:J’aime la vie
Lyrics:Rosario Marino Atria
Composer(s):Jean-Paul Furnémont
Angelo Crisci
Conductor:Jo Carlier
Backings:Angelo Crisci
Jean-Paul Furnémont
Patricia Maessen
Françoise Vidick
Running order:13